11 creative ways to use a water bottle instead of recycling it

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A chandelier made retired of recycled beverage gallons.

A chandelier made retired of recycled beverage gallons. Credit: BOXINGDAY / ETSY

Water bottles are astir apt 1 of nan easiest and astir versatile products to upcycle, aliases springiness a caller intent to. 

A composite of trade projects made utilizing h2o bottles.

Credit: mashable composite, makeit-loveit.com, violetpaperwings, nwf.org

There are thousands of crafts and absorbing ways for you to usage either plastic aliases glass bottles, truthful effort giving your vessel a useful makeover.

1. Clean your drain

With conscionable a fewer elemental incisions you tin debar nan dreaded smell and toxic fumes of drain cleaner and make your ain de-clogger. 

2. Wasp trap

We each request to thief save nan bee population, but wasps are a spot different. You decidedly want to free of nan stinging, house-eaters earlier it turns into thing for illustration this monster nest

3. Paint dabbers

An easy trade for kids aliases if you've vanished your adult coloring books already. You tin besides usage nan bottom of soda bottles to make a cherry blossom painting. 

4. Glass pasta (or anything) holders

The h2o that comes successful solid jars tends to beryllium much expensive, truthful get nan astir bang for your subordinate and move them into ace convenient and stylish retention containers.  

5. No-sew zipper vessel containers

A elemental measurement to shape your creation supplies, recreation constitution brushes, aliases moreover snacks. Anything "no-sew" you tin motion america up for. 

6. DIY spray overgarment container

If you person nan cleanable colour successful a regular tin but request to person it to a spray, this is overmuch simpler (and cheaper!) than bringing it to a hardware shop to beryllium put into a spray can. 

7. Sprinkler

There is surely nary property limit connected summertime fun, and if you're excessively ashamed to spell to a artifact shop and bargain 1 for yourself, this is an easy craft. Anyone tin bask this idea, moreover a moose looking to cool off. 

8. Dog toy

Dogs should beryllium supervised erstwhile utilizing this conscionable successful lawsuit they break done nan sock to nan plastic; ingesting integrative is perchance dangerous. However, for nan funny pups that for illustration to spell hunting for their nosy aliases treats, they'll emotion burrowing into this DIY toy.

9. Planter

This planter is aforesaid watering, arsenic nan drawstring threaded done nan headdress absorbs nan h2o astatine nan bottommost half of nan bottle. This is particularly awesome for grasses and different reasonably leafy plants. 

10. Glass vessel mini ecosystem

A ace cool idea! All you request for this DIY task is immoderate shells aliases stones, water, a freshwater arthropod, and pond scum. You know, things you person lying astir nan house. But seriously, astir of these things tin beryllium purchased astatine your section pet store. 

11. Hummingbird feeder

Give backmost to nan situation and thief your plot flourish. This 1 has only a fewer steps, but will provender galore happy hummingbirds pinch sweetener water. 

UPDATE: Sep. 18, 2023, 1:32 p.m. AEST This article was primitively published Apr. 2016, and has since been updated Sept. 2023.

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