17 iOS 17 features we're very excited about

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A photograph illustration shows IOS 17 Operating System logo displayed connected a smartphone.

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Did you hear? iOS 17 launched today, on pinch much than 100 caller features, from StandBy to adaptive audio.

Some features won't beryllium disposable today but will beryllium included successful different updates of iOS 17, including AirDrop updates, nan Journal app, nan catch-up arrow, and Apple Music collaboration. We don't person an nonstop day for these drops, but location are plentifulness of features to excavation your teeth into while we wait.

Personalized telephone calls

Apple's iOS 17 now includes interaction posters, which are benignant of for illustration wallpapers for your favourite people. When personification calls you, you tin customize a poster pinch photos, Memojis, and names to capable your surface erstwhile they call.

Live voicemail

If you were live during nan Landline Era, you mightiness retrieve that you could fto a telephone ringing and perceive to nan voicemail earlier deciding to prime up. Cell Phones ruined that peculiar assortment of screening, but Apple's iOS 17 is bringing it back. When personification calls you and leaves a sound message, you'll beryllium capable to publication a unrecorded transcription of nan connection and prime up arsenic they're leaving nan message. Think of really this will revolutionize getting called from chartless numbers. 

Check in

Gone are nan days of yelling "text maine erstwhile you get home!" to your friend arsenic you time off drinks and past forgetting to really matter them erstwhile you get home, and present are nan days of Check In connected iPhone. You tin commencement a Check In pinch a friend and it will observe erstwhile you’ve arrived safely and automatically show your loved one. 

Search filters

Apple's iOS 17's hunt filters sewage a spot of a facelift. Now, you tin hunt pinch much precision by combining hunt filters. For instance, you tin hunt for "address" successful a chat pinch a circumstantial friend, alternatively of conscionable uncovering each clip you've asked for an reside successful your full life.

Location sharing made easy

iOS 17 is giving users a much-needed update to position and stock locations. You tin now petition someone's location from nan positive fastener successful Messages, and nan location will proceed showing successful a small matter bubble until nan location-sharing is over. And, for friends whose location you person ongoing, you tin position your Find My friends astatine nan apical of Messages nether their name.

Audio connection updates

You tin now person your audio messages transcribed, which is admittedly not nan constituent of an audio connection but it is simply a godsend for anyone who forgot their headphones. You tin besides region signaling an audio connection and past proceed signaling nan aforesaid connection earlier sending, play them backmost astatine 2x speed, and proceed listening erstwhile leaving nan Messages app.

New Stickers experience

All your stickers are successful 1 spot pinch iOS 17, by including Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, emoji stickers, and different third-party sticker packs successful nan Plus aliases Tapback paper connected Messages. Plus, you tin moreover create your ain stickers — revolutionary for group who for illustration their cats a small spot excessively overmuch (hi).

Leave a connection connected Facetime

Until now, if personification missed your Facetime, each you could do was nonstop a "wtf I thought we were friends" text. Apple's iOS 17 changes that, and, erstwhile personification doesn’t prime up your FaceTime call, you tin now time off them a video aliases audio connection successful a voicemail.


Apple iOS 17 introduces Standby, a caller full-screen acquisition you tin unlock by putting your iPhone connected its broadside while it's charged to get accusation you tin spot from a region — for illustration a timepiece connected your nightstand aliases your euphony connected nan room counter.

Interactive widgets 

Widgets are getting an upgrade successful iOS 17, too. You tin now interact pinch them, for illustration transverse an point disconnected your to-do list, region a song, aliases move nan lights disconnected erstwhile you time off a room.


One of nan iOS 17 updates is simply a full caller update to AirDrop. NameDrop allows users to switch interaction info by putting their iPhones and Apple Watches adjacent each other. Your sanction and Contact Poster are included pinch your share.

Autocorrect, but better

That's ducking right: Autocorrect is getting better. iOS 17 has improved autocorrect pinch much meticulous fixes to mistakes successful English, French, and Spanish.

Safari profiles

With iOS 17, you tin create different profiles successful Safari to support your browsing, history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and favorites abstracted for topics for illustration "work" and "personal" and "oh my deity don't look astatine this."

Adaptive Audio

This iOS 17 update really only useful if you besides person the  AirPods Pro (2nd generation). The caller listening mode will automatically set nan sound level controls for you and adhd sound cancellation. This reminds maine of automatically brightness — a characteristic I emotion 95 percent of nan clip and perfectly dislike 5 percent of nan time. 

Offline maps

Finally! With iOS 17, you tin download maps and usage them erstwhile you don't person service, which will beryllium cleanable for walking underground connected nan subway aliases going connected a agelong hike.

Just opportunity "Siri"

Sorry, this is nan slightest breathtaking update we're getting from iOS 17. You nary longer person to opportunity "Hey Siri," you tin conscionable opportunity "Siri."

Visual Look Up

iOS 17 is changing nan measurement we look things up. You tin find akin recipes from nutrient you've taken photos of, maps to stores you spot successful pictures, and more. And galore of these devices activity connected paused video, too.

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