3 Google Pixel 8 rumors ahead of its October reveal

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Modest creation changes and improved capacity are what Pixel customers tin expect up of Google's October 4 event.

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With each nan Google Pixel 8 leaks, location isn't overmuch astir nan caller telephone and its Pro counterpart that is near to nan imagination up of nan Oct. 4 uncover event. Nonetheless, nan caller bid of Pixel devices person immoderate awesome hype astir them. From show tweaks to camera upgrades, let's dive into nan astir reliable rumors that person emerged astir nan Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Display and Design

The forthcoming Pixel 8's creation seems to beryllium an improvement alternatively than a revolution. In April, show expert Ross Young revealed that nan Pixel 8 is simply a tad spot smaller than its predecessor, sporting a 6.16-inch OLED surface successful opposition to nan Pixel 7's 6.32 inches. However, nan Pro exemplary is expected to clasp nan aforesaid size arsenic nan 7 Pro astatine 6.7 inches.

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Young's tweet was each but confirmed successful August erstwhile Google accidentally launched its Pixel Simulator website, giving america a complete 360-degree look astatine nan Pixel 8 Pro. It besides confirmed that nan Pixel 8 Pro will travel successful Liquorice, Porcelain, and Sky colorways. A Jade colorway was besides confirmed via a wallpaper leak. The Pixel Simulator was yet taken down and Google, for its part, gave america an charismatic sneak peek of nan 8 bid past week, pinch nan telephone having undergone subtle alterations — nan astir noticeable being rounder edges and a caller sensor underneath nan flash connected nan horizontal camera barroom (more connected this successful a second).

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Performance and Camera

The Pixel 8's hardware could get a important boost pinch nan rumored inclusion of a "next-generation" Tensor G3 chip. Android Authority described nan Tensor G2 arsenic "a alternatively uninspiring chipset successful position of CPU performance." The aforesaid study from June says nan Tensor G3 spot will characteristic "more modern CPUs," pinch "four small Cortex-A510s, 4 Cortex-A715s, and a azygous Cortex-X3." Other leaked specs successful nan study besides propose that nan GPU connected nan Pixel 8 will support ray-tracing and perchance 8K video.

On nan camera broadside of things, speculations are rife astir a modulation from nan Isocell GN1 superior camera to a much precocious Isocell GN2, pinch nan biggest alteration being nan ultrawide camera — nan 8 Pro will apparently move to nan improved 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor and see a time-of-flight sensor, which should refine nan autofocus mechanism. However, nan aforesaid leaks opportunity that nan modular Pixel 8 exemplary will only spot an upgrade to nan superior camera.

Interestingly enough, nan Pixel 8 Pro is said to travel pinch an IR thermometer (that's nan suspicious-looking sensor I mentioned above). The leak comes from 91mobiles and tipster Kuba Wojciechowski, and if true, is an highly niche characteristic for a phone. The Pro will travel pinch a assemblage somesthesia app — and it's rumored that nan sensor tin measurement nan somesthesia of objects, too.

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Pricing and Release Date

Google has already announced its Made by Google arena for Oct. 4 and confirmed that nan Pixel 8 will beryllium disposable connected nan aforesaid time for pre-order. Based connected past year's Pixel reveal, sites for illustration Tom's Hardware propose that nan caller Pixel will deed unit shelves astir a week aft its announcement, truthful apt connected aliases astir October 11.

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Price-wise, reliable leaker Yogesh Brar has said connected X (formerly Twitter), that nan Pixel 8 and Pro will costs $649 and $699, respectively, astatine launch. This will make nan regular exemplary astir $100 much than nan Pixel 7, but it's still exponentially cheaper than nan iPhone 15, which starts astatine $799 and tin costs anyplace up to $1599 for nan Pro Max pinch 1TB.

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