Amanda (BookLoverAmanda)’s review of Heart of Red, Blood of Blue

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Heart of Red, Blood of Blue by Rebecca Belliston - 5 Stars - An astonishing standalone religion imagination story!

This is each astir Princess Gisela of Steinland who was calved pinch albinism. Her betrothal to Prince Jerrik of Kronga ended successful his decease and a 10 twelvemonth warfare started pinch her father. Her begetter keeps her hidden for galore years until he wants to usage her to work together to different confederation and betroth her to an atrocious leader. A Krongon warfare commander, Bloodless Kristoff, is besides aft Gisela aft sidesplitting her siblings arsenic good truthful that puts a batch of accent connected nan situation. Gisela runs distant and starts uncovering nan truth arsenic she flees.....her eventual extremity is to extremity this crazy war. Can she do it?

OK YA'LL READ THIS BOOK. It's an ALL clip favorite. I loved nan unexpected crippled twists that I didn't spot coming, it has astonishing characters and kept maine connected nan separator of my seat! I was SHOCKED astatine nan ending erstwhile things were revealed. Highly urge for those who want a good, cleanable religion non-magical imagination story.

I loved nan religion elements we had successful nan story, her transverse necklace, prayers and almost for illustration angels for her who would show up to thief her (other christians who showed up successful answered prayer).

Content warning: There are immoderate unit and humor successful this during nan warfare conflict scenes but different connection free and clean.