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Prepare your wallets: Amazon's 2nd Prime Day waste of nan twelvemonth kicks disconnected connected Oct. 10. The shopping bonanza, officially dubbed Prime Big Deal Days, will tally for 48 hours and connection exclusive savings for Amazon Prime subscribers. 

It's group up for illustration Prime Day successful each but sanction pinch limited-time deals and, conscionable for illustration past year's Prime Early Access Sale, is Amazon's effort to get retired up of different retailers and footwear disconnected nan vacation shopping play a period earlier than nan accustomed Black Friday promotions. The arena will besides characteristic off-site Buy pinch Prime deals arsenic good arsenic a action of invite-only deals, arsenic was this lawsuit during this summer's Prime Day sale. 

Like Prime Day, Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days waste requires an Amazon Prime membership, though you don't person to beryllium a paying personnel to get successful connected nan savings. Start your 30-day Prime free proceedings now and you'll beryllium capable to shop nan champion deals without paying for a subscription -- conscionable retrieve to cancel earlier it renews.

Amazon has confirmed immoderate of nan brands group to beryllium featuring successful nan Prime Big Deal Days sale, including Dyson, Sony, Barbie, SharkNinja, iRobot, LG, Peloton, Jabra, and Betty Buzz by Blake Lively. You can, of course, expect a slew of deals connected first-party Amazon brands for illustration its Echo smart speakers, Kindle tablets, Fire TV devices and Ring information products. In fact, Amazon has announced that deals connected immoderate of its ain products will commencement arsenic soon arsenic today:

"We're giving our Prime members yet different measurement to save, pinch deals connected immoderate of nan astir wanted gifts of nan season," said Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime. "Members tin shop deals crossed categories for illustration fashion, home, and toys that see immoderate of our astir celebrated items during Prime Big Deal Days. They tin besides return advantage of different breathtaking Prime personnel benefits, for illustration shopping favourite brands beyond pinch Buy pinch Prime and accessing doorbuster deals pinch Invite-only deals."

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days waste will beryllium moving successful 19 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, nan US and nan UK.

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