Amazon’s offering free courses on generative AI

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Amazon is starting to offer free acquisition courses connected generative AI pinch an purpose to widen “critical skills” to adults and young learners everywhere. The company’s initiative, called “AI Ready,” is an hold of existent AWS-based AI skills training programs offered by Amazon but now includes 8 free courses that screen AI task guidance and development. Amazon says 21 cardinal group person already trained connected AWS unreality computing skills done its programs, and it hopes 2 cardinal will usage its AI courses by 2025.

Amazon says that request for talent for AI jobs is increasing, and companies are consenting to salary higher salaries for those pinch nan skills, but nan courses are besides geared toward promoting Amazon’s ain AI products. Amazon will connection “nontechnical” learning that introduces group to nan foundations of generative AI, readying projects astir AI, and really to usage Amazon’s CodeWhisperer AI codification generator. The remaining courses amended group astir AWS instrumentality learning and connection models and nan Bedrock AI app maker, which could thief put Amazon’s AI tech retired location among large players for illustration Microsoft / OpenAI and Google.

Those willing successful Amazon’s free courses tin entree nan first generative AI training and intro to CodeWhisperer connected the AWS Educate site. The remainder of nan free courses, including learning to usage Amazon’s Transcribe speech-to-text generator, are connected nan AWS Skill Builder site.

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