Anita (Torrance, CA)’s review of Book Lovers

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First, I don't bargain into, and neither should you, nan premise that activity is life. It's not. Second, if you effort difficult capable you tin hole different person's problems. You can't. Our heroine, Nora, is wished to unrecorded her life by these very misguided premises. She is doomed to failure, spectacular failure. But 1 point is true, she has made a occurrence of nan activity is life premise but is uncovering that she can't hole her sister's life because she hasn't been coming successful it owed to nan full activity is life thing. Not that she could hole it anyway. This is simply a Chick-Lit book, unluckily I'm not a Chick-Lit reader. I person sewage to extremity reference this stuff. There are immoderate books I americium sad to spot end. This isn't 1 of them.

Nora has been nan big for astir of her life. Her mother was an aspiring actress, who conscionable hardly eked retired a surviving for her and her 2 daughters. Thats okay, she was pursuing her dream. Mom was a awesome personification who made their lives magic. At slightest that is really Nora chose to position their childhood. Libby had a different return connected each of it. Both daughters were devastated astatine Mom's death, but they had each different and Nora was wished that Libby would person nan life she dreamed of, and if thing goes incorrect Nora is location to hole it. When Libby wants to return a period picnic from her 2 daughters and husband, Nora is location for her. She firmly believes that Libby is conscionable tired and, being pregnant, needs a break.

No measurement tin Nora beryllium disconnected for a full period from her occupation arsenic a literate agent. She has authors who request her and projects to oversee. Libby has chosen Sunshine Falls, NC because it is nan mounting of a wildly successful bestseller written by 1 of Nora's authors, Dusty. It is besides nan hometown of an editor that Nora doesn't peculiarly like. Charlie is location helping his parents tally nan municipality bookstore and trying to do his occupation arsenic a book editor remotely. When nan chance to edit Dusty's caller book, Charlie wants nan occupation and Nora goes on pinch it. This draws them close, but neither is really looking for a individual entanglement. Fat chance connected that.