Apple’s last-gen iPad falls to a new low of $229.99 for early Black Friday buyers

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Apple’s iPads conscionable don’t get immoderate cheaper than this. The ninth-generation iPad, which has unceremoniously remained nan entry-level action of Apple tablets moreover a twelvemonth aft nan 10th-gen exemplary came out, is trading for a caller low.

You tin get nan 2021 iPad pinch 64GB of retention for $229.99 ($100 disconnected its MSRP) astatine Amazon and Target. This early Black Friday woody is an further $20 cheaper than nan erstwhile debased of $249.99 we were consistently seeing for immoderate time. Also, if 64GB is simply a small slimmer connected retention than you’d prefer, nan 256GB exemplary is besides $100 disconnected astatine Amazon and Target — dropping it to $379.99.

A 9th gen iPad connected a wood array viewed from nan apical downA 9th gen iPad connected a wood array viewed from nan apical down

Apple’s entry-level iPad from 2021 has a 10.2-inch screen, an A13 Bionic chip, and a 12MP beforehand camera that supports Apple’s Center Stage feature. It’s besides compatible pinch nan first-gen Apple Pencil and nan Smart Keyboard and is nan only iPad that still has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

While nan ninth-gen exemplary whitethorn beryllium a mates of years old, it’s still a very formidable budget-friendly tablet. Its 10.2-inch show whitethorn beryllium surrounded by immoderate boxy bezels, but wrong them is besides that classical location fastener pinch Touch ID. Inside nan last-gen iPad is Apple’s A13 Bionic processor, which first debuted pinch nan iPhone 11 but still has nan processing headroom for basal tasks, streaming, and note-taking pinch a first-gen Apple Pencil, if you take to adhd 1 connected later.

Frankly, if you’re considering an affordable tablet for a kid and you don’t want to bargain into Amazon’s cheaper yet much constricted Fire line, past the ninth-gen iPad is ideal. It tin do a batch of nan aforesaid things overmuch pricier iPads tin do, moving nan aforesaid apps, aliases it tin comfortably beryllium put to activity arsenic a glorified Netflix instrumentality without spending hundreds much connected 1 of its cousins that tin beryllium overkill for that elemental task.

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Update November 20th, 11:16AM ET: Added a nexus to nan 64GB iPad astatine Amazon.

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