Apple Watch Series 9 'Double Tap' is hot, but these 5 features are flaming

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Apple's caller double tap characteristic connected nan Apple Watch Series 9 is awesome. But it's getting a small spot excessively overmuch of nan spotlight.

Yes, it's awesome that you tin usage nan caller Apple Watch without really rubbing it by tapping your fingers together. But did you cognize nan caller watches besides person amended processing power, much useful Siri, and a little destructive biology footprint?

If not, it's clip to learn. Here are immoderate underrated caller features connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.

1. The caller S9 processor

The first of these underrated additions we'll talk is nan simplest: Apple gave nan caller watches a caller S9 processor. That intends they will beryllium faster and, hopefully, person amended artillery life. It's difficult to opportunity conscionable really overmuch of an betterment it is without really trying nan device, but we'll ne'er opportunity nary to a capacity boost.

2. Siri is yet untethered

Another characteristic nan caller processor enables is on-device Siri functionality. Previously, you needed to (wirelessly) tether your Apple Watch to an iPhone successful bid to usage Siri, arsenic each of nan Siri processing was done connected nan iPhone and relayed to nan watch. Now, you tin usage Siri connected Apple Watch without needing a telephone nearby. On apical of that, reside dictation is apparently better, too.

3. Better ultra-wideband

Apple updated nan ultra-wideband spot successful nan Apple Watch Series 9, which will surely beryllium a boon to group who emotion to suffer things. If you're not aware, nan ultra-wideband spot allows nan watch to find and way different devices nearby. It should beryllium a small much precise than nan Find My functionality successful erstwhile Apple Watches, but again, it's difficult to opportunity conscionable really overmuch amended it is without extended hands-on time.

4. Goodbye, leather

Fun fact: The Apple Watch Series 9 is Apple's first carbon-neutral device. The aluminum lawsuit is made of recycled materials, nan devices are manufactured pinch cleanable electricity, and possibly astir interestingly, nary of its accessories will beryllium made of leather. It's nan first instrumentality successful a broader Apple inaugural to ditch leather entirely, successful favour of a caller suede-like worldly called "FineWoven." Silly name, but it's for a bully cause.

5. Ultra elaborate watch face

Exclusively connected nan caller Apple Watch Ultra 2, there's a caller watch look that takes advantage of that peculiar device's bigger display. This watch look is incredibly elaborate and thorough, showing things for illustration altitude, depth, temperature, and directional heading. The show besides has a highest brightness of 3,000 nits, meaning you tin spot it moreover successful agleam sunlight. If you're a legit adventurer, this worldly is astir apt great.

6. (Bonus) The astir important characteristic of all...

The Apple Watch Series 9 tells time. You know, nan point watches are meant to do? All those different features are great, but let's not hide nan astir underrated characteristic of all.

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