Beyond Aero is building a hydrogen-powered jet

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The aviation industry is good alert of its c footprint, but it’s not an manufacture wherever things alteration quickly. Batteries whitethorn beryllium an action for short-range eVTOL usage cases, but for thing else, they still measurement excessively overmuch compared to nan magnitude of power they tin hold. There’s different option, though: hydrogen. That’s what Toulouse, France–based Beyond Aero is betting on, arsenic it looks to bring a hydrogen-powered business pitchy to market.

The company, which is portion of our Battlefield startup title astatine Disrupt this week, is presently ground-testing an 85 kW hydrogen-based propulsion system, pinch formation tests of its single-engine trial furniture scheduled for later this year. The institution plans to motorboat pinch a business jet, nan Beyond Aero One, pinch a scope of up to 800 nautical miles, a velocity of astir 310 knots (or conscionable complete 356 miles per hour) and seating for up to 8 passengers. The imagination is importantly broader, though, pinch plans to motorboat a commuter pitchy and perchance moreover larger planes successful nan future.

Image Credits: Beyond Aero

The institution was founded by longtime friends Eloa Guillotin (CEO), Hugo Tarlé (CTO/COO) and Valentin Chomel (Product and Strategy). While Guillotin and Tarlé are successful entrepreneurship, Chomel worked successful nan aerospace manufacture before. While moving connected formation trial instrumentation astatine Safran, 1 of nan world’s largest craft instrumentality manufacturers successful nan world, he discovered eVTOLs and hydrogen propulsion systems. Chomel started his PhD, focusing connected nan exertion roadmap to electrification, but successful nan evenings, he would extremity up talking to his 2 friends who were besides looking for what to do adjacent and dabbling successful IoT and sports tech.

“I said, ‘Guys, you are passionate astir aircraft, let’s build an craft arsenic a company.’ There is simply a immense marketplace opportunity because everything will request to change,” Chomel told me.

Things started snowballing from there, pinch Chomel past quitting his PhD and nan 3 of them starting nan institution from nan crushed up.

Chomel argues that successful galore ways, it’s easier for a startup to build an craft from nan crushed up than for a ample business for illustration Boeing aliases Airbus to make nan move from their existing systems to thing wholly new. The founders besides reason that it will return a very agelong clip earlier electrical aviation will return off. Hydrogen substance cells, connected nan different hand, are already being deployed wide successful dense crushed transportation, including buses and trucks. “Basically, our craft is 3 trucks,” Chomel joked.

Image Credits: Beyond Aero

The challenges, he noted, are mostly astir hydrogen retention and thermal guidance for hydrogen successful an aviation setting. The institution has a number of patents astir this already. One involves placing nan hydrogen tanks successful a fairing nether nan aircraft’s main body, while different covers a power guidance system. The hydrogen strategy needs a comparatively ample power exchanger, which would create further resistance connected nan plane, reducing its scope and pinch that, its usefulness. “All of our IP is successful really to make a hydrogen craft — not really to make a hydrogen powertrain. We haven’t revolutionized that,” he said. Instead, nan team’s attraction is connected integrating each of these systems.

Beyond Aero’s existent attraction is connected getting its demonstrator into nan aerial and testing its halfway assumptions. After that, it will commencement activity connected nan business jet. Given nan monolithic c emissions of business aviation per rider mile flown, nan squad believes that this isn’t conscionable technologically achievable but besides a monolithic marketplace that is asking for an replacement to today’s pitchy fuel–burning engines. “We want to meet a marketplace pinch clients that person a problem pinch nan nationalist image [of backstage pitchy ownership], individual condemnation aliases ESG goals of their company,” Chomel said. Those clients person millions of dollars disposable to bargain a Falcon aliases Gulfstream, but those players don’t connection immoderate alternatives either.

Beyond Aero was portion of Y Combinator’s Winter ’22 batch. The institution raised backing earlier joining YC, during and after, for a full of 3 rounds truthful far, pinch Initialized, Air France and a number of unicorn founders investing successful nan institution complete nan people of these rounds.

The squad argues that it tin trust connected nan immense existing aviation ecosystem for acquiring each of nan parts it needs to build its plane, including nan existent airframe. One situation it will apt face, though, is ensuring that capable craft person hydrogen disposable for its level to refuel. Hydrogen itself is already wide available, but location is nary refueling infrastructure yet and location is evidently a spot of a chicken-or-egg problem here: Nobody is going to bargain a pitchy they can’t reliably refuel and cipher is going to put successful building that infrastructure until location is demand.

Chomel argues that airports would only request to person a mobile hydrogen tanker trailer available, though moreover that takes a spot of an investment, each while these airports are besides looking to move to sustainable aviation substance and distant from leaded 100LL substance for nan wide aviation piston fleet.

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