Book Review: 'Moon Knight: Age of Anubis' by Jonathan Green

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Buckle up because it’s clip for different choose-your-own-adventure book successful nan world of Marvel superheroes, from Aconyte Books. This clip Moon Knight is looking for immoderate thief from an Egyptologist (you) dealing pinch a surviving mummy that is stealing nan souls of New Yorkers and starting a zombie plague. But it’s not arsenic elemental arsenic conscionable picking an action astatine nan extremity of each page. In the Multiverse Missions gamebooks, you summation and suffer attributes based connected your choices and they impact your way done nan book. So drawback a pen, paper, and immoderate dice and thief Moon Knight prevention nan nighttime successful Moon Knight: Age of Anubis by Jonathan Green.

[Note: While I americium reviewing this caller independently and honestly, it should beryllium noted that it has been provided to maine by Aconyte for nan intent of this review. Warning: My reappraisal of Moon Knight: Age of Anubis contains immoderate spoilers!]

Moon Knight (and you) spell up against an ancient threat

The crippled starts retired introducing your character. You’re an Egyptologist who put together a caller grounds astatine nan Metropolitan Museum of Art. The centerpiece of nan grounds is nan sarcophagus of King Akharis and galore of nan pieces subordinate to him. You springiness nan grounds 1 last look nan nighttime earlier it opens and announcement that things person been moved around. As you’re puzzling complete nan changes a mummy abruptly breaks its measurement retired of nan sarcophagus! Then nary different than Moon Knight comes smashing done nan skylight to prevention you.

After an aggravated battle, nan mummy escapes pinch a canopic jar featuring Anubis’ head. Moon Knight starts to pursuit aft him erstwhile Khonshu’s sound rings retired “Wait my son! Take nan precocious leader pinch you… for you will some person your portion to play successful bringing this servant of Anubis to bottommost earlier nan nighttime is through.”

The first daze for you is that you heard Khonshu’s voice. The 2nd daze is that he thinks you are a precocious priest. The 3rd daze is that Moon Knight really listens to him and takes you on for nan adventure! From present connected retired it is your choices that guideline nan action. Choose wisely and you will prevention nan world. Choose poorly and you will dice 1 of immoderate number of tragic deaths.

But it’s not each astir prime successful Age of Anubis

Most choose-your-own-adventure books conscionable springiness you a prime of a fewer different actions astatine captious decision-making points. But nan Marvel Multiverse Missions crippled books return that premise to nan adjacent level. Dice rolls, attributes, and items are incorporated into nan process.

moon-knight-shalveyMr. Knight from Marvel Comics

Your choices impact each of these aspects and successful turn, each of them affects nan choices that tin beryllium made arsenic you read. It adds an facet of je ne sais quoi to nan acquisition that really takes it to nan adjacent level. You person to measurement your choices really cautiously to make judge that you person amended options arsenic you progress. The items are particularly important arsenic immoderate are highly useful aliases unfastened different pathways that aren’t disposable without them.

Beyond nan measurement that attributes and items impact your choices, dice rolls adhd an constituent of chance to nan game. Even if you’ve made really bully choices and raised your attributes to very precocious levels, if you can’t rotation nan correct numbers you’ll still extremity up losing rounds and being defeated (why does my dice for illustration “1” truthful much? Why?).

Make judge to play, nary cheating!

Author Jonathan Green takes a infinitesimal astatine nan opening of nan book to explicate really to play nan game. I’ll springiness a small info here, but make judge you publication his explanation, it’s worthy it (wink, wink). Green suggests having a pad of insubstantial and pencil positive a group of dice. I utilized a statement app and fto Google rotation a dice instead. However you do it, you request to support way of your attributes and items while you read.

It mightiness beryllium tempting to opportunity “That sounds for illustration a batch of work, I’ll conscionable do what I want” but that would beryllium a mistake. It really wasn’t that difficult to support way of things and it wholly upped my finance successful nan communicative and nan outcome. I don’t deliberation nan book would beryllium astir arsenic engaging if you skipped nan gameplay and conscionable publication it arsenic a normal choose-your-own-adventure.

While it’s perfectly imaginable to prevention your notes, descent a bookmark successful nan book, and return a break from nan game, I don’t urge it. It’s a batch easier to hide what’s going connected successful Moon Knight: Age of Anubis than it is pinch a normal book. Especially if it’s not your first read-through.

It’s easy capable to support nan communicative consecutive while you’re playing, but erstwhile you locomotion distant nan storylines commencement to bleed together. Because nan aforesaid scenes tin beryllium reached from different pathways, things tin get really messy successful your caput if you don’t play done to “the end” each successful 1 go. Now evidently immoderate storylines return longer to play done than others. But astir of my plays took astir 1-1½ hours truthful make judge you person a small spot of clip earlier you beryllium down to read.

Moon Knight: Age of Anubis has a precocious re-readability value

I americium happy to study that Moon Knight: Age of Anubis was much than a one-hit wonder. I publication it done aggregate times without repeating galore scenes. And moreover pinch a mates of repeated scenes, each information felt unsocial and held my interest. What’s more, I cognize that I still person plentifulness of scenes I ne'er moreover sewage to. This intends that I tin publication it done respective much times (at least) and get different adventures each time.

That greatly increases nan worth of nan book to me, I’ve already gotten respective hours of nosy retired of it and there’s still much to enjoy. That’s what I look for successful a book, particularly 1 that touts itself arsenic a game. So if you’re looking for immoderate nosy and person an hr to spare, prime up Moon Knight: Age of Anubis and prevention nan world pinch Moon Knight!

Rating: 8/10

Moon Knight: Age of Anubis: A Marvel Multiverse Missions Gamebook by Jonathan Green is disposable connected Tuesday, September 5! Will you beryllium checking retired this choose-your-own-adventure novel? Let america cognize connected Twitter aliases successful The Cosmic Circus Discord.

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