bri’s review of Y/N

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afloat review:

i wish this caller could beryllium dissected cleanly successful a matter of what one recovered good, bad, and ugly. but this wasn’t a publication that was neat astatine all. it took countless attempts for a size that one usually devour successful 1 sitting. if one couldn’t admit nan story, location must beryllium thing of constituent for maine to cling to. nan writing, nan setting, nan characters. but nan truth that one clasp dislike for it each is wherever it yet grounded me.

yet different illustration of conception beating execution successful position of intrigue.

i don’t mind erstwhile speech is unrealistic if it leans pretentious, academic, therapy speak, but nan prose present is… uninspired. and 9/10 it was erstwhile words came from nan characters’ mouth! it was a drawl and droning and unspeakable poeticism.

we travel nan narrator arsenic she wreaks affectional havoc crossed korea, gathering a bid of broadside characters pinch nary look aliases physicality who travel her for illustration sunken souls. they ruminate connected possibly nan astir incorrect interpretations of her character. they speak from a thesaurus and effort to make awesome critique astir nan world. their musings person nary weight erstwhile i’m skimming nan page for thing tangible to activity my encephalon and lingua around. everyone trips and falls and acts for illustration they’re flying.

the astir grounded you could consciousness is erstwhile nan narrator’s unsocial lawsuit of parasocial relationships is depicted. she’s sick successful a measurement that invites worry, not for her, but nan group astir her. a destructive unit that sets occurrence to herself pinch nan intent of letting flames drawback connected everyone else. metaphorically, of course. nan narrator grapples pinch an obsession that is combative, severe—and a emotion that she herself confronts is conditional. she wants everything satellite is and isn’t, to cognize him intimately and invasively.

she forces herself onto him successful a galore number of ways—disturbs satellite successful nan spot he has hidden, wrong nan walls of sanctuary, and holds nan y/n fic she wrote astir him nether his chemoreceptor pinch nan bid to read. to understand her successful ways spoken connection could not convey. trust, nan written connection did not uncover thing we didn’t already know. nan narrator exists wrong universality, her emotion was her top deceit.