Ceecee’s review of The Stranger in Her House

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4.5 stars rounded up

“Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we believe to deceive.”

Wedding planner Connie leaves her occupation successful Italy to travel location and attraction for her mother Gwen, pursuing a devastating test of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. Handyman Paul has been sent to Gwen’s location by a kindness to thief pinch jobs that person been neglected, specified arsenic nan garden. However, Connie becomes progressively concerned arsenic Gwen seems to person fallen nether his spell. The communicative is told chiefly by Connie, interspersed pinch respective different points of view. Who is nan alien successful her location who seems to beryllium taking over?

I publication this book a fewer days ago, and I haven’t stopped reasoning astir it since, if that’s not a motion of an outstanding read, past I don’t cognize what is.

Brace yourselves folks, this is John Marrs and you whitethorn conscionable extremity up pinch whiplash pinch each nan crippled twists and turns. Although nan crippled is very good thought out, it’s a reliable publication if, for illustration me, you person acquisition of relatives pinch dementia/Alzheimer’s. However, I wholly respect nan constituent that nan writer is making here, particularly successful position of nan UK law, it’s very thought-provoking and it shocks me. For early readers, spot nan aft word.

Although Connie and Paul are astir arsenic acold from likeable arsenic it’s imaginable to get, nan characterisation is excellent. One is beyond redemption, having sadistic callous parasitic tendencies, but nan different whitethorn conscionable beryllium redeemable arsenic location are signs of disappearing leopard for illustration spots. The tense Mexican stand-off business is very good developed throughout, becoming an atrocious cat/mouse rodent crippled which plays retired truthful unpredictably. This keeps you riveted and sharply inhaling activity astatine nan sinister move of events.

As nan storyline develops, you realise this crippled has measurement much extent than he said/she said script revealing aggregate layers, which are horribly fascinating. The first portion has immoderate invited bully humour but this fades arsenic things go much superior and location are bully puzzles inserted into portion 1 and 2 specified arsenic names that Gwen mentions. This becomes applicable arsenic things rotation retired of power particularly for 1 character. The “neighbourly inserts“ are very illuminating and nan reside of these changes deeper into nan storyline. It’s very acheronian and creepy astatine times, nan hairs connected nan backmost of your cervix guidelines retired and a acold tingle goes up and down nan spine arsenic nan levels of threat increases. The fearfulness levels emergence and emergence and location is immoderate violence. There’s specified venom it’s scary, parts horrify astatine nan exploitation and manipulation which shocks you to nan core. There are aggregate twists which support connected coming correct to nan end, nan hostility is arsenic taut arsenic soft ligament and your eyes are rooted to nan matter pinch your jaw dropping astatine nan awfulness. There are surely acheronian horses present and that last twist is genius! Guess we cognize what’s coming next!!

This is simply a clever pertinent psychological thriller pinch characters you will emotion to hate.
A riveting page turner.

With acknowledgment to NetGalley and particularly to Thomas and Mercer for nan overmuch appreciated arc successful return for an honorable review.

A buddy publication pinch Jayme and DeAnn, we each rated it highly truthful beryllium judge to cheque retired their reviews!