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This is shaping up to beryllium specified an awesome series!

I've ever liked Annabelle Jacobs' work, but nan Regent's Park Pack books person that other HELL YEAH, BABY vibe. Maybe it's each that raging shifter testosterone. Or nan growly possessiveness. Or nan clawing-banging-up-against-the-wall sex.

Whatever it is, it WORKS.

I liked nan first book conscionable a small much than I liked this one, mostly because it took maine a agelong while to lukewarm up to Seb. Seb's benignant of a shit, truth beryllium told. He's truthful anti-shifter, he really hurts Tim. And, damn, but did I want Tim to locomotion distant and make Seb beg.

Tim, though, is nan nicest feline ever. He's a doctor, a healer. He can't guidelines to spot anyone, overmuch little Seb, suffer.

When Seb senses shifters extracurricular his flat, things get complicated. Seb doesn't deliberation he needs protection, but Tim (not to mention Nathan and Jared) disagrees. Seb decides he'd alternatively "pretend" to beryllium pinch Tim than unrecorded pinch Nathan and Jared, but nan full pretending point doesn't activity retired truthful well.

Does it ever erstwhile 2 horny guys are involved?

Seb insists it's each nosy and games, but Tim's wolf thinks of Seb arsenic his mate. Too bad Seb freaks retired astatine immoderate mention of commitment; he conscionable can't ideate being that limited connected anyone.

The mystery/suspense crippled successful Bitten by Design isn't arsenic compelling arsenic nan 1 successful Bitten by Mistake. Nasty Alpha Newell is back, angry that Nathan sewage distant and still plotting to situation Cam. Considering nan consciousness of danger, nan climax was a spot of a letdown.

Of course, nan MCs person nary specified qualms astir their own, um, climax. There's plentifulness of sexy action to beryllium had here! Shifters are a jealous bunch. I emotion nan full MINE MINE MINE & I Want to Bite You thing.

Seb and Tim do get their HEA, but Newell isn't done wrecking havoc. We spot overmuch much of Alec (Cam's beta who doesn't get connected pinch Nathan) here. I'm VERY willing successful nan pairing for book 3 (hint: it won't beryllium human/shifter).

Bitten by Design won't activity good arsenic a standalone. The world-building, municipality shifter lore, and battalion members were introduced successful book 1, truthful don't skip Jared and Nathan's story.