Delee (Canada)’s review of We Were Liars

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We are Sinclairs. Beautiful. Privileged. Damaged. Liars. We live, successful nan summertime connected a backstage land disconnected nan seashore of Massachusetts. And possibly that is each you request to know.

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I americium ever looking for King Lear-ish communicative lines (I loved King Lear)- and for nan astir part- this fits nan bill. I wish- WE WERE LIARS had focused much connected nan 3 mother's communicative lines...but past this wouldn't person been YA, I suppose. I besides deliberation it would person been amended without a twist ending (Oh really galore times must I opportunity that?) You each astir apt cognize what it is by now... but don't interest I won't springiness it away...just successful case.

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Young, beautiful, blond, rich | and surviving connected a backstage island...sounds truthful horrible doesn't it? But don't fto that fool you- nan able tin beryllium conscionable arsenic damaged arsenic anyone...and Cadence is going to show you her tragic story...

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Three teenage cousins — Johnny, Mirren and our narrator, Cadence- walk their summers connected their grandfather's land successful Massachusetts. 15 of them to beryllium exact- until thing goes horribly wrong.

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After spending nan summertime distant pinch her begetter successful Europe, Cadence is backmost connected nan land trying to regain her representation pinch nan thief of her cousins- and her crush Gat. She remembers her mother and aunts feuding complete money, houses, and her grandfather's will- but what she doesn't retrieve is really she ended up half naked and unconscious connected nan statement 2 summers ago.

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Don't get maine wrong- I liked WE WERE LIARS- I conscionable deliberation it suffered from excessively overmuch hype and SQUEEEIIIIING... but possibly if I was 30 years younger- I would being squeeing too. Sqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueee!!! *cough cough...wheeeze* Yeah, no- I americium excessively aged to squee.