'Destiny 2' dastardly bug is getting a fix, Bungie says

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Credit: Bungie.

The Destiny 2 bug plaguing players is getting a fix, developer Bungie says. But it's complicated.

The bug, which is allowing players to trade definite limb perks into other, much powerful weapons, giving players a awesome edge, is nan halfway of nan problem. On Friday, Bungie's thief relationship posted astir being alert of nan rumor "that allows circumstantial limb perks to beryllium crafted into different legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will consequence successful these weapons being reset successful nan future."

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

On Saturday, Bungie said it will beryllium rolling retired 2 fixes for nan issue. "For nan first fix, deploying wrong nan adjacent 24 hours, we’re building a server-side update that will disable each crafted weapons from being equipped. Players will still beryllium capable to trade weapons during this time," nan station read.

"The 2nd hole we’re building, which we dream to merchandise soon aft nan first, will let crafted weapons to beryllium re-equipped but nan outlier crafted weapons pinch 'illegal' components will beryllium reset to a default state."

But arsenic nan Destiny 2 squad posted connected Sunday, nan hole is simply a "tricky one".

"Our extremity is to hole nan 'illegal' crafted weapons, but we want to do it successful a measurement that doesn't wounded nan finance that players person earned pinch their normal, 'legally' crafted weapons," nan Destiny squad wrote connected X.

Tweet whitethorn person been deleted

"This is simply a analyzable issue," Bungie wrote successful a post connected Sunday, "and arsenic a consequence of testing, our original timeline for a server-side hole has been extended."

Bungie noted that "players who observe an utilization will not person immoderate in-game regularisation aliases ban" according to the company's prohibition policy, but noted that "the usage of outer scripting and web manipulation devices are still bannable offenses and taxable to information review."

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