ellie’s review of God of Fury

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ellie ❀ cal ❀ wrote: "will this beryllium for illustration connected powerfully to her different books? aliases tin one conscionable jump into it correct away? im connected nan lookout "

it’ll decidedly beryllium interconnected pinch various characters and dynamics you mightiness struggle to support up pinch if you jump correct into this one! this is simply a rotation disconnected of aggregate different books she’s written, each nan characters are nan kids of astir 8-9 different couples 😭 truthful you’ve sewage them being mentioned and past nan ensemble of kids, truthful one will pass you it mightiness beryllium rough… but honestly nan land successful each book are truthful severely anemic they won’t beryllium difficult to get your caput around. it’s chiefly nan number of characters and discerning their relationships (whether they’re romantically involved, rivals/enemies aliases siblings). it’s a small messy tbh🌚