Facebook now lets you create up to four additional profiles

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Will Shanklin

Meta announced connected Thursday that Facebook users tin now create aggregate profiles. The institution will fto you adhd an @username for up to 4 further individual profiles attached to your main account. After creating a caller alias, you won’t request to log retired and backmost successful to move betwixt them. Facebook first began testing nan feature past July.

The institution suggests picking profiles for your individual life, activity and immoderate circumstantial interests aliases communities you want to rotation retired of your main account. “Whether you’re caller to Facebook aliases a longtime user, you whitethorn want to support your individual and master relationships separate, aliases you whitethorn want to support 1 floor plan tied to a organization you’re a portion of and different floor plan conscionable for friends,” Meta wrote successful its announcement blog post. “Creating aggregate individual profiles lets you easy shape who you stock pinch and what contented you spot for nan various parts of your life.”

Meta says each floor plan will person its ain unsocial provender pinch pertinent contented based only connected that profile’s interests. “Think 1 floor plan for nan foodie segment you emotion and different 1 to support up pinch your friends and family,” nan institution wrote. The institution says Instagram’s occurrence pinch a akin characteristic inspired nan move, and beta testing nan characteristic taught Facebook that galore group for illustration having a clearer statement of friends, groups and interests “to prosecute pinch nan assemblage they judge is astir relevant.”

Each caller floor plan will commencement caller pinch Facebook’s default privateness and notification settings, truthful you whitethorn want to alteration them manually for each one. In addition, your superior Facebook relationship won’t uncover that you person other profiles.

The characteristic comes pinch immoderate restrictions. First, Facebook’s Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode and payments won’t beryllium disposable to your secondary profiles astatine launch. In addition, messaging for other usernames will only beryllium disposable successful nan Facebook app and connected nan web. (Messenger support for further profiles will get “in nan coming months.”) Finally, only eligible big accounts tin make caller profiles. Remember: Your caller handles are bound by Facebook’s policies, meaning you can’t misrepresent your property aliases location.

The characteristic originates rolling retired globally connected Thursday and will proceed complete nan coming months.