Google Domains officially halts domain selling as Squarespace deal completes

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Google has officially pulled nan bid books from its web domain business arsenic it stops trading domains to caller customers.

A announcement connected Google Domains website now reads: “Google nary longer offers caller domain registrations, but effort Squarespace.”

The news comes astir 3 months aft nan institution first – and alternatively unexpectedly – announced plans to transportation its domains business to website building institution Squarespace, citing nan request to “sharpen [its] focus.”

Google Domains handover

On September 7, Squarespace announced nan “completion of its acquisition of nan assets associated pinch nan Google Domains business.”

New customers are now required to acquisition a domain via Squarespace, nevertheless existing Google Domains customers will proceed to person entree to their online dashboards for an undisclosed “transition period,” aft which Sqarespace will transportation these customers to its ain system.

TechRadar Pro asked Squarespace to corroborate erstwhile existing Google Domains customers tin expect to beryllium moved complete to nan caller platform, but we did not person an contiguous response. Google’s page reads: “Customers and domains will beryllium transitioned complete nan adjacent fewer months.”

Google’s guideline to nan modulation confirmed that customers’ encrypted costs specifications will beryllium transferred to Squarespace, indicating that location should beryllium nary interruption successful service.

At nan aforesaid time, Squarespace announced plans to summation its finance into nan Squarespace Domains business, citing its “intent to make it a globally recognized, independent domain registrar.”

Squarespace shared successful a property release: “The description of nan company’s domains business, wherever millions of caller domain customers will beryllium capable to easy found and negociate their domains, arsenic good arsenic research caller ways to build a beautiful marque and motorboat a business online, will further accelerate this vision.”

Domains nether nan caller marque commencement astatine $12 / £9 / AU$16 per year, but Squarespace sites connected an yearly scheme will see 1 domain for free. Those reasoning astir changing providers are successful luck, too, because is looking to rate successful connected nan news by covering nan transportation interest of nan first cardinal domains that move from Google Domains.

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