Haley (Chicago, IL)’s review of Forget Me Not

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When I deliberation of 2nd chance romance, I deliberation of Love and Other Words and Happy Place and a twelve different stories hard-coded to tear your bosom into a zillion pieces.

This was (mostly) not that.

Somehow Julie Soto managed to rom-com up nan 2nd chance trope and seizure nan heartache of 2 exes forced to activity together again while besides penning a genuinely funny communicative astir a wedding planner pinch dozens of ex-step-siblings who doesn't judge successful matrimony but has a profession virtually devoted to it. It didn't moreover request to person nan 2nd chance constituent to beryllium an enjoyable book (not that I'd ever kick astir that).

And she decidedly did her investigation connected wedding readying and floral arranging because, my goodness, location was a batch of specifics. It was a tad spot overmuch astatine times, but nan chapters were paced really quickly which made it truthful it ne'er felt for illustration it was dragging connected excessively long.

I will say, I don't deliberation that Ama and Elliot's emotion communicative was nan strongest point I've ever read. It was really cute, don't get maine wrong, but some timelines—past and present—were a small rushed and didn't person capable moments starring up to them falling for each other.

But, successful operation pinch each nan different elements of this story, it was honestly conscionable axenic and easy nosy pinch a small angsty pining thrown successful nan mix.

And I CANNOT hold for nan TV adjustment 🙌 It's giving early 2000's rom-com to a tee