How to track your moods in watchOS 10

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Malak Saleh

Apple’s watchOS 10 officially became available connected September 18, and it brings a caller characteristic successful nan Mindfulness app that gives you nan action of logging your feelings and moods straight connected your watch face. These updates will beryllium available if you person an Apple Watch Series 4 aliases newer model. Here’s really to navigate that caller feature.

Mindfulness app

Malak Saleh

How to log your mood

When you unfastened nan Mindfulness app, pat “State of Mind” and past “Get Started” to statesman nan logging process. From there, you tin either log a “momentary emotion” to input really you consciousness astatine that instant, aliases a “daily mood” to study really you felt wide that day.

Mood logging

Malak Saleh

Using nan watch’s Digital Crown, you tin scroll done 7 absurd images pinch corresponding affectional valences ranging from "very pleasant" to "very unpleasant." Once you prime an emotion, you tin opt for much logging and spell into greater item astir nan feelings you’re experiencing (including what's having nan biggest effect connected you) by selecting options from a drop-down menu.

Mood logging -- very pleasant

Malak Saleh

How to position your temper logs

Over clip you tin support tabs connected your regular logging activity successful nan Health app nether nan “Mental Wellbeing” tab. Using a paired iPhone, click “State of Mind” and past unfastened “Show successful Charts.” From this page, you tin position nan type of entries for regular moods aliases momentary emotions. You besides person nan action to position manner factors associated pinch these entries to study really your moods whitethorn correlate pinch variables for illustration clip spent successful nan sun, slumber trends, and workout habits.


Malak Saleh

Additionally, circumstantial assessments for slump and worry are now accessible successful nan Health app. You tin besides export PDFs of individual wellness reports if you ever request to stock logs pinch a aesculapian professional. You’ll request to unfastened nan Health app and click nan “Sharing tab” astatine nan bottommost of nan screen. From location you tin take to “Share pinch someone,” specified arsenic a contact, aliases “Share pinch your doctor.”

If you want to stock pinch your doctor, you tin hunt for circumstantial infirmary systems to link your wellness information and support tabs connected objective records. For example, if you were a customer astatine “Green Primary Care” successful Huntsville, Alabama, you could straight link to nan diligent portal, get unafraid entree to wellness records, and besides stock your individual wellness information pinch a attraction squad – this is wherever building a wont of logging regular moods whitethorn beryllium adjuvant for a supplier to get a fuller image connected nan authorities of your intelligence health.