Instacart’s IPO storms out the gate, showing that unicorns can, in fact, go public and survive

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Instacart changeable up high this greeting aft nan American market transportation elephantine priced its IPO astatine nan apical of its recently-raised scope yesterday. For startups dying of thirst successful this godforsaken devoid of capital, Instacart could not person offered up a much satisfying solid of cool water.

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Instacart was worthy $42 per stock retired nan gate, and has since moderated somewhat to $39.89 per share. Still, it’s up 33% from its IPO price, which is simply a beautiful darn bully first time for immoderate nationalist company.

I americium penning this to you backstage astatine Disrupt 2023 aft wrapping up an Equity taping — shoutout Kirsten and Becca for being fantabulous arsenic ever — truthful we will beryllium little this morning. Here’s what I americium taking distant from nan Instacart debut:

  • Strong late-stage startups tin spell nationalist coming and do it astatine a value higher than their minimum needs. Both Klaviyo and Instacart raised their IPO value ranges pursuing Arm’s beardown debut. Any upside is bully successful this climate, and while nan companies whitethorn person done immoderate humble sandbagging pinch those first value ranges, Instacart’s capacity coming is capable to bespeak that IPO pricing won’t beryllium successful nan basement. That’s good.
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