Jae’s review of A Troubling Tail

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Minnie is enjoying nan first stirrings of Spring successful Chilson, engaged pinch nan room and nan bookmobile, and trying to scheme her wedding to Rafe. All of that seems little important, however, erstwhile she learns that Whippy Henika, proprietor of nan section candy shop, was murdered successful his store. Who would do specified a thing? Minnie wonders but isn't keen connected getting involved, until a female confesses to her that Whippy was her biologic begetter and asks Minnie for thief successful uncovering his killer. While nan constabulary constrictive their attraction connected 1 fishy (who'd confessed to a drawstring of section burglaries), Minnie isn't convinced he's a murderer. She focuses alternatively connected nan much individual facet of Whippy's agelong mislaid daughter. As Minnie considers and rejects suspects, she closes successful connected a killer. But, will she beryllium successful clip to forestall different murder?

The crippled successful this 1 was surely convoluted. I kept coming to conclusions and learning I was wrong, correct on pinch Minnie. LOL! Still, she was wished to spot justness served. There were besides subplots going on: Minnie trying to present her cat, Eddie, to her BFF's copy infants, Minnie and Rafe trying to scheme a wedding, and Minnie having to woody pinch nan "book bike" that nan president of nan room committee ohio truthful helpfully donated to nan room among them. It was refreshing, however, to publication astir her progressive successful things different than a execution investigation.

Would emotion to grant this 1 4.5 stars. Hm. Since Minnie didn't find nan dormant body, I'll bump it up to 5.