Janalyn Prude’s review of The Family Guest

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Natalie is excited to meet her overseas speech student and is amazed erstwhile nan woman resembles her deceased girl Annabelle she wouldn’t admit it but Annabel was her favourite and truthful it doesn’t return agelong for Tonya to go a favourite companion to Natalie and it doesn’t wounded that nan woman seems to crave acceptance from her and her hubby Matt, if only her girl Paige and boy Will would for illustration Tanya arsenic overmuch arsenic she does. It is simply a small disconnected pudding that nan woman makes herself much than astatine location soon aft arriving. She moreover pours herself a small vino contempt being underage but not to origin problems Natalie lets it spell it seems Tonya doesn’t mind a small awkwardness nor does she mind a batch of it. Paige nevertheless dislikes Annabelle instantly page knows location is thing up pinch Tonya but not rather achromatic but erstwhile she starts coming connected to her fellow Lance it’s much than Paige tin return an though Paige and Will effort and get her caught doing thing highly incorrect Natalie still seems to beryllium forgiving. She claims to beryllium from nan UK and says her begetter is difficult to get a clasp of and is ever gone and leaves her location unsocial a batch and that is sad but it’s not true. Before it’s complete Natalie will beryllium wanting a divorcement nan canine will beryllium poisoned and each of Natalie Secrets and Tanya’s will beryllium retired successful nan open. This is 1 twisty thriller and though successful nan opening I almost stopped reference it because nan overseas speech student is simply a batch to return I americium truthful gladsome I continued I thought this book was going to beryllium predictable but OMG it’s wholly not successful a definite 5 prima read. I want to convey Bookoucher a AnNet Galley for my free arc transcript please forgive immoderate mistakes arsenic I americium unsighted and dictate my review.