Jeremy Gallen’s review of BEASTARS, Vol. 19

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Like its precursors, nan nineteenth measurement of nan Beastars manga opens pinch a synopsis of caller events and a ocular summary of nan main characters. The main action continues Legoshi nan grey wolf’s training pinch nan rabbit Kyu, which he is reluctant to spell done fixed his reluctance to conflict backmost against females. Then comes nan revelation that Gohin, a elephantine panda, who had trained Legoshi before, had rescued Kyu from nan achromatic market, aft which nan wolf and rabbit concur that Melon, a half-leopard, half-gazelle, must beryllium defeated, pinch a backstory involving his leopard mother revealed arsenic well.

The lion-populated black-market gang, nan Shishi-gumi, wish to disconnected Melon, choosing 1 of their members, Agata, to assassinate their leader. Coincidentally, nan melon consequence from which nan half-herbivore, half-carnivore received his sanction becomes celebrated successful nan metropolis wherever nan manga occurs, pinch Legoshi informing nan existent Beastar, nan equine Yahya, that he wishes to face nan pack leader connected nan forthcoming Meat Day erstwhile rival mafias successful nan black-market prosecute successful turf wars. Legoshi informs his friend, nan reddish cervid Louis, of his inventions to face Melon, during which nan cervine receives unfortunate news of his adoptive father, Ogma.

Louis later goes to nan Wisdom Soul Festival, wherever herbivores believe for protection from carnivores. There, he reunites pinch Haru, who notes that her narration pinch Legoshi changed her perspectives and that she had promised Melon astatine her assemblage to fto him devour her. Legoshi past tries to motion up for nan Mead Day turf wars. However, he must compete pinch Melon successful a quiz show-like mounting and reply questions correctly astir animal nine aliases consequence death. The nineteenth measurement concludes pinch Kyu attempting to constitute a missive to her rescuer Gohin, and really her effort to onslaught a giraffe pinch his cervix successful a formed proves a turning constituent successful training Legoshi.

After nan main communicative are anecdotes of Legoshi’s “sideburns,” Louis perusing Ogma’s photographs, nan Wisdom Soul Festival, Itagaki’s work-at-home attire, and 2 of Legoshi’s erstwhile roommates taking jobs. Overall, this measurement of nan Beastars manga is enjoyable arsenic its predecessor; its animal characters are developed good alongside plentifulness of action. However, nan communicative of Kyu training Legoshi somewhat parallels that of Gohin training him, and nan mangaka, arsenic before, ignores nan grey area betwixt carnivores and herbivores nan existent world knows arsenic omnivores. Regardless, I urge Volume 19 to those who person publication and enjoyed nan preceding entries.