Kennedy’s review of Choosing Yellowstone

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What an affectional rollercoaster read. From nan book description, I knew thing was going to spell incorrect and boy did it. It was a publication that had maine picking it up and putting it down owed to nan reliable taxable matter. Elaine Flanagan and Pam Finch are assemblage professors and each are accomplished successful their ain way. Their 15 twelvemonth narration comes to a transverse roadworthy arsenic Elaine has been selected to beryllium a writer successful residence school journaling successful Yellowstone National Park. Elaine is very excited to beryllium accepted and to person nan opportunity to constitute astir quality while successful nature. While Pam was readying for them to walk nan summertime assisting pinch nan Syrian exile situation successful Jordan. After each women shares their thoughts, it is agreed that they return their individual path.

While apart, they write/email each different and stock what is going connected and really they are doing. There is immoderate accusation clasp backmost going connected which I tin understand but do not basal work together with. Elaine's section chair, Roger Chamberlain, what a pompous jerk. I appreciated Elaine and Pam's friends and colleagues. I liked nan references to Shakespeare, flowers/plants, birds and nan situation successful general. I besides liked nan references to various feminist and lesbian organizations. It was evident that nan writer did her investigation and was good informed. If you bask nature, this is nan publication for you. If you are willing successful nan exile crisis, this is nan publication for you. If you are willing successful a agelong word longing relationship, this is nan publication for you. If you are willing successful a profoundly intelligent story, this is nan publication for you.