Libby DeLira’s review of Madness Behind the Mask

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** spoiler alert ** This book was an addictive page turner that had maine up each nighttime conscionable to find retired what happened next!
This book perfectly wrecked me. It is nan communicative astir nan main characteristic Sau Shadow and her travel of aforesaid find that will person you rooting for her 1 moment, past disappointment pinch her nan adjacent arsenic she makes mistakes and occasionally stumbles on nan way. Despite each nan obstacles and punches life throws her measurement Sau conscionable gets stronger and learns from those mistakes. She feels hopeless astatine times, yet I respect her willpower and soul streangth arsenic she struggles pinch herself wanting to, astatine times conscionable return nan easy measurement retired and extremity her life. Despite those soul demons that cruelly susurration her aforesaid doubts and promote her to do so, she keeps fighting for nan liking of those who emotion her. Her hubby being 1 of those who would do thing successful his powerfulness to prevention and protect his beloved wife. Do not beryllium mistaken, her hubby Caden whitethorn emotion her pinch each his heart, but he is nary knight successful sparkling armor. He has his ain flaws and astatine times you some will emotion him 1 infinitesimal past dislike him nan next.
The communicative is simply a roller coaster thrust of emotions having you heartbroken 1 moment, overjoyed nan next, and astatine times conscionable angry aliases frustrated. You'll find yourself rooting for her hubby 1 infinitesimal and nan adjacent find yourself hoping she leaves him and joins different man who loves her successful his ain demented and obssesed way.
I dream you bask nan communicative because it is 1 affectional thrust that is worthy each tear you shed and each 2nd of slumber you'll suffer staying up to find retired what happens next.

The communicative has galore scenes that immoderate group whitethorn not for illustration truthful cheque those trigger warnings successful nan opening of nan book, because I honestly this book has them each from CNC,NC, Kidnapping,Grape, somnophilia, and overmuch more. If your consenting to publication this communicative pinch an unfastened mind conscionable to bask nan communicative it genuinely is an breathtaking read. Although astatine times I did find myself disappointment pinch nan main characteristic who has a unsocial and powerful ability, but hardly uses it passim nan book.
Summary whitethorn incorporate spoilers. do not publication nan extremity unless consenting to get a glimpse of nan crippled of nan book. First paragraph is simply a watered down type of events nan book has overmuch much heartbreaking item and action.
The crippled of nan communicative involves nan main characteristic Sau Shadow nan first calved protector who is expected to beryllium joined disconnected to Caden (another witch tin of agelong region telekinesis) successful bid to hindrance different powerful witch family to fortify their own. There is simply a warfare betwixt Aleric nan Vampire leader of nan pack nan Blood Fangs, nan witch leader Delune Shadow and Antonio nan leader of nan 3rd pack of Wolves.

During nan wedding Antonio nan caput of nan decease hunt a rival pack of wolves decides to effort and assassinate Sau and nevertheless galore he tin perchance get earlier getting caught. During his flight Delune runs aft him and battles Antonio who while distracted doesn't recognize his mate is being eaten by nan inexperienced witch Sau and her powerfulness complete nan bests successful nan shadows. incapable to power her caller powerfulness she cannot merchandise Antonio's mate arsenic he tries to flight pinch her earlier she is wholly devoured and successful nan process drags Sau on pinch him. Once safely distant he realized that she is half eaten pinch nary legs left, a bleeding spread that is pouring retired organs and more. excessively tired from nan drain connected her magic Sau can't escape, aliases effort to heal Antonios mate arsenic he demands. Thus originates his obsession pinch revenge against Sau Shadow. She past is brutally tortured, grapes, and wounded by galore antheral members of his battalion who are angry. Caden manages to rescue her, but her injuries are truthful terrible she falls into a coma for a agelong time. The communicative only gets much absorbing arsenic erstwhile she yet wakes up from nan coma she is simply a mother and her loving hubby has grown older. The remainder of nan communicative is astir her changeless conflict pinch recuperating, strengthening her magic, and defending her family from nan wolves and vampires. All nan rival gangs are wished to termination her and her family, that is until nan vampires onslaught successful hopes of getting free of Sau and Aleric comes look to look pinch her. Then nan leader of nan humor fangs decides that this joined women is his and becomes his caller obsession.
The communicative is very addicting and beryllium heartbreaking astatine times, but erstwhile you get to nan extremity nan book ends connected a lighter statement that satisfies nan reader...However, nan sequel has yet to beryllium released. Enjoy nan read!