Linda Yaccarino: advertisers fleeing from X are just “temporarily paused investments”

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Last week, Elon Musk appeared to endorse antisemitic conspiracy theories and posted astir supporting achromatic pride connected his societal level X, formerly Twitter. Musk’s tweets were past highlighted by a Media Matters article that recovered advertizing from awesome companies had shown up adjacent to pro-Nazi content. Major advertisers past halted their advertisement spends connected nan platform. To reside nan controversy, CEO Linda Yaccarino sent a memo titled “Our Work Is Meaningful,” reiterating her committedness to X.

As unit mounts for nan institution to region itself from supporting antisemitism, Forbes reported that advertisers are urging Yaccarino to resign arsenic well. A erstwhile NBCUniversal chairperson pinch adjacent ties to nan advertisement industry, Yaccarino had been brought into Musk’s institution to reconstruct relationships pinch nan companies that dress up nan mostly of X’s revenue. Advertisers were already concerned their paid contented would show up adjacent to antisemitic aliases different bigoted posts, but they’re particularly worried now, erstwhile nan platform’s proprietor seems to beryllium actively stoking conspiracies astir nan Jewish community.

Addressing X labor successful a company-wide email, Yaccarino expressed her enthusiasm astir nan company’s existent direction. In nan memo, first published by The Hollywood Reporter and obtained by The Verge, she claimed that advertisers had “temporarily paused investments” — an absorbing measurement to building major advertisers for illustration Apple, Disney, and IBM pulling their business from nan level because of Musk’s seeming endorsement of antisemitism. She besides blamed articles that she believed had been “manipulated” for damaging nan platform’s reputation. “The information will show nan existent story,” she wrote successful her memo, perchance a reference to Musk’s station / screenshot indicating that he would writer Media Matters.

In response, Media Matters’ president Angelo Carusone said, “Elon Musk has spent nan past fewer days making meritless ineligible threats, elevating bizarre conspiracy theories, and lobbing vicious individual attacks against his ‘enemies’ online. Even if he does not travel done pinch his threat to sue, nan volatility of actions reenforce why awesome brands are rightly skittish of partnering pinch X.”

Meanwhile, Semafor reports that Yaccarino has enlisted her boy Matt Madrazo to reboot X’s governmental advertizing business, successful hopes to dress up for nan gross mislaid by nan “temporarily paused investments” of what antecedently were immoderate of nan company’s biggest clients.

Read Linda Yaccarino’s afloat memo below:

Our Work Is Meaningful


Across each area of this company, we’re moving to create a level for everyone. And location is nary different level that’s moving arsenic difficult to protect free reside for illustration X. Our activity is critical, but it’s not ever easy. What we’re doing matters, which intends it people invites disapproval from those who do not stock our beliefs.

While immoderate advertisers whitethorn person temporarily paused investments because of a misleading and manipulated article, nan information will show nan existent story. Because for each of america who activity astatine X, we’ve been highly clear astir our efforts to combat antisemitism and discrimination, arsenic there’s nary spot for it anyplace successful nan world.

I want to promote you to publication and perceive to each nan feedback. On 1 side, there’s a vocal number trying to usage deceptive attacks to undermine our work. But connected nan different side, location are vocal supporters and courageous partners who judge successful X and nan meaningful activity you are each doing. Hold connected to that and support pushing forward. No professional will ever deter america from our ngo to protect free speech.

Let’s support putting our values to activity and thin connected 1 another. I americium highly proud to beryllium connected nan beforehand statement pinch you each — and I’ll spot you each astatine nan agency tomorrow morning.


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