Lover of Romance (Orem, UT)’s review of Bound by Redemption

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Quickie Review

As this is nan continuation of Bound by Consequences, and don't want to spoil excessively overmuch astir this one. This 1 continues correct disconnected of nan past erstwhile and nan crippled gets beautiful aggravated some pinch nan MC being put successful danger, and everyone nether lockdown. But besides successful nan truth that we person nan redemption arc and really Micah keeps throwing disconnected nan brothers successful his ain measurement and its truthful delightful. I emotion seeing him slow triumph them over. The romance gets amended successful this book than nan erstwhile book we received. However, I will opportunity that nan ending while satisfying, I wanted more. I dream we get much successful seeing Micah being redeemed successful nan club. I want to spot him find his spot pinch nan nine fully. I benignant of consciousness for illustration we didn't get a satisfying extremity for him arsenic overmuch arsenic I was hoping for astatine least. And immoderate of these brothers request a instruction successful nan humble pill haha

But overall, I recovered this 1 to beryllium a satisfying, melts your bosom successful moments type of publication that has maine eager for nan adjacent one.