Make your home the game day hub with Sling TV

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We each person different versions of crippled day, whether it's cheering your squad connected to nan last touchdown aliases tuning successful to spot nan latest Bravo play unfold. Whatever it looks like, watching it unrecorded conscionable hits differently.

With Sling TV, you tin entree unrecorded channels and on-demand contented from 1 app, making it easy to drawback assemblage games, NFL, and Housewives showdowns. Plus, correct now, you’ll prevention large erstwhile you motion up acknowledgment to these seasonal Sling deals. 

A play walk for shot fanatics

Juggling nan NFL schedule while staying up to day connected assemblage shot tin consciousness for illustration its ain sport, and without a streaming play walk by now, it tin get costly. Sling is present to make it easier, offering shot fanatics entree to their Orange and Blue packages, arsenic good arsenic Sports Extra. This intends you tin watch games connected NFL Redzone, ESPN, NFL, SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big10, and Longhorn Networks. 

Cheer connected your favourite assemblage team

College shot followers will want to tune successful to ESPN’s family of channels, apical convention networks for illustration SEC, ACC, PAC 12, and Longhorn Network disposable successful this package. You'll besides summation entree to a wide scope of unrecorded sports events, including world shot matches connected beIN SPORTS, making it a versatile prime for each sports enthusiast.

Catch each touchdown and more 

If nan NFL is your Sunday sermon, make your location nan religion pinch entree to Sling’s Blue package, inclusive of NFL Redzone, NFL Network, FS1, FS2, and Big10 Network. When you’re not watching football, you tin cheque successful connected unrecorded news and intermezo connected channels for illustration Bravo, TLC, and FX. 

Prepare for a cozy season 

Turn nan end-of-summer blues astir by readying for nan coziest cuffing play of your life. Think blankets, spiked basking chocolate, and an Amazon Fire Stick truthful you tin show your TV what you want to watch without getting up to find nan remote. Sling makes it easy by giving you a free Amazon Fire Stick Lite, positive $10 disconnected your first period of immoderate intermezo guidelines package. 

Keep your options open 

With unrecorded and on-demand contented from a immense scope of channels, you won’t person to perpetrate yourself to immoderate 1 genre aliases network. When you can’t take what to watch, move to unrecorded TV to return nan study paralysis retired of nan equation. And if you’re conscionable not fresh to plaything complete to Sling, salary half value for your first period to spot really you for illustration it. Our stake is you’ll enactment put, but if not, you tin cancel anytime.

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