Mandy (Madrid, Madrid, Spain)’s review of Killers of a Certain Age

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THIS IS WHAT I EXPECT FROM A BOOK ABOUT ASSASSINS!! These ladies were strategic. They were confident. They were prepared. They utilized their encephalon cells. THEY GOT SHIT DONE. I've ever assumed that fixed nan due resources, being a hired assassin for an world non-governmental entity pinch astir unlimited financial resources would beryllium a beautiful easy and lucrative gig and I WAS RIGHT! I dream they move this into a movie aliases a TV bid because fto maine show you, grandmas merit their clip successful nan murderess spotlight conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic Jodie Comer and they didn't moreover request to beryllium psychopaths!!! This is simply a communicative astir master ladies being underestimated and kicking ass. This is simply a communicative that proves that nan only existent accomplishment anybody needs is nan desire to beryllium competent and pinch competency group tin do anything... moreover murder.

I ever deliberation that stories astir group who accidentally get progressive successful spy trade sound absorbing ( Finlay Donovan is Killing It and The Flight Attendent I'm looking astatine you) but astatine nan extremity of nan time those books/shows person maine pulling my hairsbreadth retired because those group are stressed and retired of their convention and worst of each THEY'RE NOT COMPETENT. If you're gonna execution personification aliases screen up a crime aliases framework personification other for a crime, goddammit you amended astatine slightest trryyyyyy not to beryllium an idiot.

Is this a groundbreaking, life changing novel? Probably not. Is it highly unrealistic? Probably. But is it entertaining? Frick yea it is. This was awesome connected audio and if you've sewage nan chance, I would springiness it a listen.