Margaret M - (A huge amount of catching up to do)’s review of Murder at Kensington Palace

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3.5 stars rounded up.

“That nan unfortunate was from nan highest circle of Society could soon person nan investigators caught up successful a vortex of secrets and lies. Beneath their gilded smiles and polished manners, nan able hid a multitude of sins”.

The atmospheric backdrop of Regency England, nan rigid and uncompromising societal structures of nan period, themes of greed and revenge, nan illuminating invention of electricity, and a good planned enactment of reward each harvester successful this communicative of a sinister execution astatine Kensington Palace. Add to that nan blossoming narration of Wexford and Sloane and we person a compelling, action pact and suspenseful caller by Andrea Penrose. A believable humanities fabrication novelist.

So why nan 3.5 stars? Whilst really enjoyable, it felt ‘safe’. Whilst an easy publication and 1 to return connected vacation because not overmuch attraction is required, it lacked nan separator of your spot thrill I emotion successful crime / thrillers. And finally, though group successful Regency England, I didn’t consciousness transported location pinch its cobbled streets and equine drawn carriages.

Rounded up though because it is simply a awesome story, location is small to beryllium captious astir wide but location are immoderate things I wanted much off. The expectations and prejudices successful nine during this play felt existent and intricately nuanced successful nan communicative and nan characters I do love. Wexford brooding and Sloane a beardown widowed female who has capable compassion to support 2 young orphaned boys. The remainder of nan broadside characters brought a scope of traits and truthful intrigue. Many corrupt but blase and possessing nan requisite societal graces and polished etiquette of nan ‘noble’ people and galore capable to hide down their fashionable and costly attire, while harbouring soiled secrets of their own.

The book is intense, satisfying and absorbing arsenic an HF crime / thriller. I conscionable wanted a spot much flesh, substance, and extent successful places.

Summary of nan crippled to come.