Marialyce (countdown to Italia begins!)’s review of West with Giraffes

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A bully communicative that blends nan emotion of animals, increasing old, one's first love, and nan war, arsenic to really truthful galore of america emotion nan animals we spot astatine nan zoo.

Giraffes are depicted successful this story, arsenic a young boy, connected older man, and a very wished woman. make their measurement to California pinch a very different benignant of cargo, a antheral and female giraffe.

It is nan clip of nan Depression and particulate storms wherever morale is moving debased and nan show of these animals mightiness bring a spot of joyousness to immoderate lives. The travel encounters dangers, but nan giraffes make it through.

A aged 105 twelvemonth aged man recounts his escapade pinch these majestic animals arsenic he contemplates his life and looks towards nan extremity of his days.

I started this communicative arsenic an audio one, but nan narrator was truthful grating that I switched to nan people edition. It was a saccharine story.