MihaElla (Bucharest, Romania)’s review of The Bet

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Chekhov is simply a mindful craftsman, excessively deep, excessively clever. I grounded to grasp really The Bet would conclude. Oddly capable but I consciousness that nan solution nan writer has opted for was someway topsy-turvy. I mean it had nan aforesaid effect for illustration pursuing anecdote:

"Moses and Jesus were sitting together successful a vessel reminiscing.
'I really liked nan 1 wherever you parted nan h2o of nan Red Sea, said Jesus.
'Ah, yes, said Moses, 'but that was thing compared to your stepping connected nan water-- that thumps all. Say, do you deliberation you could do it again?
'Sure, said Jesus, 'but it has been a agelong time.
He stepped retired of nan boat. Everything was fine, truthful he started stepping slowly. Soon he noticed nan h2o was coming up complete nan apical of his feet. He was a small concerned, but kept walking. Soon nan h2o was up to his ankles. He turned backmost toward nan boat, worried. By nan clip he reached nan vessel again nan h2o was up to his knees. He scrambled backmost in, relieved but puzzled.
'I don't understand, Jesus said, 'I cognize it has been a agelong time, but I really thought I had it down. I wonderment what went wrong.
Moses was thoughtful too. Finally he said, 'I bet I cognize what it is! The first clip you did it you did not person holes successful your feet!"