notgettingenough (Geneva, Switzerland)’s review of Murder By Natural Causes

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In a nutshell. Five thoroughly merited stars. If you want nan type pinch a image successful it, you person to spell here:

Full disclosure: I don’t cognize nan author, but we must person a batch of friends successful common. Heck, moreover nan overseas non-friend, arsenic I discovered erstwhile nan sanction of an ex I ill-advisedly lived pinch for overmuch excessively agelong popped up connected nan page. Hmmm. Maybe he’ll beryllium deed adjacent I thought. Optimistically arsenic it turns out. Sorry for that insignificant spoiler.

When I was lent this book precocious my bosom sank. I thought it was going to beryllium a span book pinch a execution successful it. Always severely done, why ohio why would anybody do different one. But, return bosom beloved reader. This very clever writer has managed to put a span mounting into her book without having immoderate span successful it.

There were periods successful my life erstwhile I publication a immense magnitude of execution of various kinds. But I moved connected and it's been a agelong time. I really opened this book up arsenic an responsibility to a friend who lent it to me, and figured I was truthful darned grumpy I mightiness arsenic good publication thing I wasn't going to bask anyway. How incorrect was I. This is simply a superb 5 prima publication - and those who travel maine connected Goodreads will cognize that I americium beautiful miserly pinch those stars. Every now and past 1 finds oneself reference a book pinch an improbable woman leader aliases anti-hero. EG Queen's Gambit and nan Girl pinch a Dragon Tattoo. I ne'er for illustration them, they ever sound false. Probably Queen's Gambit was down nan 8 shot because I was a young female chess subordinate backmost successful nan time and I conscionable couldn't judge successful Trevis's creation. And I genuinely hated nan Girl with connected galore levels. This, however, is simply a young woman leader - well, astir apt anti-hero, but I often get those arse-about - who is wholly believable from first sight. The communicative is fascinating, and I'm funny to cognize really overmuch of nan inheritance mounting is based connected fact.

I'm going to time off it location arsenic I don't deliberation prospective readers will use from spoilers. However, I highly urge this not only to those who mightiness spot it arsenic a murder/thriller read, but to those who mightiness find a what-the-Soviet-Union-used-to-be-like book an charismatic proposition also.

Muswell Press is onto a victor present and I'm looking guardant to Erichsen's adjacent book.