Please don't watch this 'Saw X' clip while eating your breakfast

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You cognize erstwhile a video title contains nan words "eye vacuum trap", it's astir apt not going to beryllium a pleasant viewing experience. But past again, erstwhile it's a clip from Saw X, what other would you expect?

The footage supra shows 1 of John Kramer's (Tobin Bell) victims strapped into a chair while nan serial killer's infamous sound describes his predicament: "I want to play a game...All you person to do is timepiece nan dial crossed nan 5 positions and you will unrecorded to spot different day. You person 60 seconds."

As ever pinch Jigsaw, it's not that straightforward, arsenic nan victim's fingers are trapped and primed for breakage, and he's adorned pinch immoderate high-pressure eyewear threatening to relieve him of his sight. Not 1 to watch while you're eating breakfast.

Saw X opens successful theaters Sept. 29.

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