Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15 Pro actually looks pretty good

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In a caller question and reply pinch IGN, an Apple executive claimed that nan iPhone 15 Pro was “going to beryllium nan champion crippled console.” I was skeptical; though Apple boasted astir nan capabilities of its caller GPU successful its A17 Pro spot and said high-fidelity games for illustration Resident Evil Village, nan Resident Evil 4 remake, and Death Stranding would each beryllium coming to nan iPhone 15 Pro, I didn’t judge they would tally very good successful practice.

But aft really seeing footage of Resident Evil Village successful action connected an iPhone 15 Pro, I’m coming astir to nan thought that Apple’s imagination isn’t arsenic acold retired arsenic I thought.

You tin spot nan crippled successful a video from YouTuber Vincent Zhong, starting astatine 13:48. First, Zhang plays Village connected nan 15 Pro connected a mobile crippled controller attachment, and nan footage looks beautiful decent. But past comes nan bully part: Zhang hooks up nan telephone to an outer show and a DualSense controller, and, astatine slightest successful his video, Resident Evil Village looks person than I expected to nan graphical value of nan crippled connected a console.

I don’t deliberation it’ll beryllium a 1:1 match. According to nan captions successful Zhang’s video, nan game’s solution is locked astatine 1560 x 720, and its framerate is “currently” locked astatine 30fps. And Zhang says nan acquisition has its flaws: “The surface mirroring effect is decidedly not arsenic bully arsenic connected nan phone,” Zhang says. “Definitely not arsenic bully arsenic nan original effect connected nan crippled console.”

Still, I tin spot really plugging your telephone into a show to sling console-quality games from your iPhone to a large surface mightiness beryllium appealing successful a pinch. It mightiness beryllium particularly useful erstwhile you’re walking aliases distant from your location setup. We’ll person to hold and spot really bully nan last versions of nan iOS ports of for illustration Village, RE4, and Death Stranding really are — and if Apple tin person much developers to bring their console-quality games to nan iPhone — but I’m measurement much intrigued astir them retired than I was past week.

The gaming push for nan iPhone 15 Pro is portion of a bigger caller attraction connected higher-end gaming from Apple. For Macs, for example, it introduced a Proton-like instrumentality that can tally Windows games. Fingers crossed that really translates into much games I tin play connected my MacBook Air, but while I’m waiting, astatine slightest I’ll beryllium capable to springiness Baldur’s Gate 3 a shot.

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