Sabrina ☪︎’s review of Fourth Wing

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“We tin unrecorded arsenic cowards aliases dice arsenic riders”

This was simply fascinating to me. I’d opportunity much but don’t want to sound repetitive to each reappraisal connected present truthful (read nan synopsis first) but conscionable cognize it was truthful difficult to return my clip pinch it since I was wholly immersed successful nan communicative and its characters.

Going successful unsighted is nan measurement to spell reference this

At slightest for maine it was arsenic I did that and devoured it. Rather than dissecting it for what it could’ve lacked because it wide accomplished its occupation of maine getting mislaid successful it.

While it is its ain thing, it’s intolerable not to tie comparisons pinch definite aspects of this to Divergent, GOT, ACOTAR, and moreover someway nan hunger games (I loved these and didn’t mind seeing aspects of it successful this) isolated from pinch existent speaking dragons who were truthful sassy, sarcastic, snarky, and conscionable truthful cute.

The speech betwixt Violet, Tairn and Andarna was nosy to publication done and I couldn’t get enough! I was perfectly enamored by Andarnas characteristic she was nan cutest point everrr. I can’t hold for what’s adjacent for her. As for Tairns character, let’s conscionable opportunity I was very overmuch intrigued pinch him 🫠 I can’t hold to spot much of them (even sgaeyl) I still can’t get complete her and tairns enslaved and really that affects their pairs loll

The banter, world building (it was accelerated paced/less filler), smut (slow burn), suspense and disablement rep were covered successful immense detail.

Violets characteristic and maturation passim nan book was admirable arsenic she struggled pinch a chronic beingness unwellness (inspired by nan authors ain illness) that made her disagree from others and of people she refused to fto it specify and detain her. Even contempt having been thrust into nan life of a rider.

I loved really she managed to forge her measurement done acknowledgment to that beautiful encephalon of hers (it was what kept her live mostly) and pinch nan recovered family she made (I loved fewer of nan broadside characters much truthful Liam 🥲)

As for Xaden, yeahh he’s now connected my database of book bfs. I was arsenic alll for yet truthful irritated pinch Violet many times commenting connected really basking he was but woman aforesaid I don’t blasted you. The things he did for her to thief her while she besides held her ain were remarkably thoughtful because who does that?? — his actions unsocial were impervious of his feelings.

Also, I loved really nan past section was successful his POV it made maine wish this was dual POV

“Welcome to nan revolution, Violet.”

Excuse maine but nan measurement it ended?? November can’t travel soon capable arsenic I person truthful galore questions. I kinda guessed successful nan opening of Xadens pov what to expect but was still conscionable arsenic shocked.

As for Dain, I really didn’t expect thing little from him. I conscionable dream Tairn burns his annoying ass live

I couldn’t determine if this was 4 aliases 5 stars but my standing still stands 😅

***I tin only dream successful nan adjacent installment we’ll spot much interactions pinch nan dragons, immoderate much authorities and moreover dual pov maybe?? arsenic that was mostly what I wanted much of***