Sally Cronin’s review of Ever So Gently

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What a delightful, thought provoking and emotive postulation of poesy from Lauren Scott.

I savoured each of nan 3 segments of nan book. I was engaged from nan first poem to nan past arsenic nan writer shared her reflections connected nature, her emotion of family done early days, emotion and loss, and her thoughts connected life, nan group astir us, nan world and nan universe.

In nan ‘Wisdom of Nature’ Scott captures nan principle of nan earthy world astir us, nan majesty of nan redwood and nan colours of autumn. Feathered visitors pinch tributes specified arsenic successful ‘The Humming Bird’s Quest’ and ‘Feathered Friends’. There is besides nickname of really nan calamity of wildfires tin devastate lives leaving thing but ashes.

In nan 2nd conception ‘The Noise, The Laughter, The Chaos, The Loved Ones’, we meet those that nan writer has loved from generations of her family, pinch tributes to mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and beloved pets who person near their people connected her life.

In ‘Lost successful Thought’ we tin subordinate to thoughts connected really we shouldn’t discarded clip arsenic we only person 1 life arsenic location is not different waiting connected nan sidelines. A reminder connected really life throws curveballs, and really rearranging a room tin alteration your perspective. One poem successful peculiar that I instantly connected to arsenic being thing I person ever wondered about.


When you beryllium by nan window,
evading life’s demands,
watching hummingbirds
flit about, do you wonder
if our beingness is nan only
breathing form?
Who’s to presume we’re alone
with stars millions of miles
away glistening successful nan night?
Maybe different beings wonder
if they are simply
a mini atom aliases molecule
floating successful nan larger picture.
Maybe we’re conscionable a raindrop
in personification else’s universe.

All nan poems are memorable and I cognize that complete clip I will revisit nan collection, particularly erstwhile life seems much difficult than accustomed and I request a reminder that location is beauty successful nan world, kindness and hope. Highly recommended.