Sherwood Smith’s review of Tilly in Technicolor

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This was specified a heartwarming, saccharine book successful each nan very champion senses.

Tilly, our heroine, has been over-protected (stifled) by her mom each her life. Now retired of precocious school, Tilly wants to acquisition nan world earlier being overcommitted and micromanaged done college, erstwhile she isn't really definite what she wants to do...except write.

Her sister has ever been held up to her arsenic perfect, nan domiciled exemplary Tilly ought to aspire to and consistently fails to achieve. Tilly gets a chance to get away, spending nan summertime arsenic an intern astatine her sister's caller startup nail polish company, Ruhe. Tilly serves arsenic a manus model, but gradually gets much chances to activity connected nan company's societal media outlets arsenic they recreation done Europe.

Tilly has nary thought that her way will transverse pinch Oliver Clark's, a very grumpy grumpy boy she met connected her formation to London. Oliver is simply a schematic designer and nan different intern hired by Tilly's sister and partner. He's organized, focused, and has mapped retired his early by being placed successful a prestigious creation program. He finds Tilly chaotic successful nan extreme, but gradually he sees that chaos successful position of colors, which is his measurement of engaging pinch nan world.

This is nan communicative of 2 creative, bright, neurodivergent teens connected nan cusp of adulthood. Eddings presents them believable, pinch sympathy and warmth and tons of humor. The romance mightiness beryllium a tad wish fulfillment, but I'm bully pinch that. It conscionable added to nan wide magic of nan story.

I really enjoyed it a lot.