The best Xbox games for 2023

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A bid of missteps put Microsoft successful 2nd spot earlier nan Xbox One moreover came out. With nan motorboat of nan Xbox Series X and S, though, Microsoft is successful a awesome position to compete. Both are well-priced, well-specced consoles pinch a immense room of games spanning 2 decades.

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  • NieR: Automata - Become As Gods Edition

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Microsoft’s console strategy is unique. Someone pinch a 7-year aged Xbox One has entree to an almost-identical room of games arsenic nan proprietor of a brand-new Xbox Series X. That makes it difficult to support meaningfully different lists for its various consoles — astatine slightest for now. But while next-gen exclusives whitethorn beryllium fewer and acold between, pinch PS4 outselling Xbox One by a reported two-to-one, location are a batch of gamers who simply haven’t knowledgeable overmuch of what Microsoft has had to connection since nan mid ‘10s.

It’s pinch that framework of mind that we attack this list: What are nan champion games we would urge to personification picking up an Xbox coming — whether it’s nan champion Xbox One games aliases nan apical picks for a Series X, a Series S aliases One S — aft an extended break from Microsoft’s consoles?

This database then, is simply a substance of games exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles and cross-platform showstoppers that play champion connected Xbox. We’ve done our champion to explicate nan benefits Microsoft’s systems bring to nan array wherever appropriate. Oh, and while we understand immoderate whitethorn person an aversion to subscription services, it’s decidedly worthy considering Game Pass Ultimate, which will let you to play galore of nan games connected this database for a monthly fee.


Deathloop, from nan workplace that brought you nan Dishonored series, is easy capable to explain: You’re trapped successful a time that repeats itself. If you die, past you spell backmost to nan morning, to repetition nan time again. If you past until nan extremity of nan day, you still repetition it again. Colt must “break nan loop” by efficiently murdering 7 main characters, who are inconveniently are ne'er successful nan aforesaid spot astatine nan aforesaid time. It’s besides stylish, accessible and fun.

While you effort to fig retired your flight from this clip anomaly, you’ll besides beryllium hunted down by Julianna, different land resident who, for illustration you, is capable to retrieve everything that happens successful each loop. She’ll besides fastener you retired of escaping an area, and mostly interfere pinch your plans to flight nan clip loop. (The online multiplayer is besides addictive, flipping nan roles around. You play arsenic Julianna, hunting down Colt and foiling his plans for murder. )

As you play done nan areas again (and again) you’ll equip yourself pinch slabs that adhd supernatural powers, arsenic good arsenic much potent weapons and trinkets to embed into some guns and yourself. It’s done this that you’re capable to customize your playstyle aliases equip yourself successful nan champion measurement to past Julianna and nail that assassination. Each clip play and area rewards repetition exploration, pinch concealed guns, hidden conversations pinch NPCs and tons of world-building lore to observe for yourself.

Originally a timed PlayStation exclusive, Deathloop landed connected Xbox successful September 2022.

Overwatch 2

Even though Blizzard has improved nan onramp for caller players this clip around, Overwatch 2 still has a steep learning curve. Stick pinch it, though, and you’ll get to indulge successful possibly nan champion squad shooter around. Overwatch 2 has a deceptively elemental extremity — guidelines connected aliases adjacent an nonsubjective and support nan different squad distant agelong capable to win. It’s overmuch much analyzable successful practice. To nan untrained eye, matches whitethorn look for illustration colorful chaos, but Overwatch 2 has a deceptively elemental extremity — guidelines connected aliases adjacent an nonsubjective and support nan different squad distant agelong capable to win.

It’s overmuch much analyzable successful practice. Blizzard reduced nan number of players connected each squad from six to five. That, on pinch across-the-board characteristic tweaks, has made gameplay faster-paced and much enjoyable compared pinch nan original Overwatch. There's a greater accent connected individual impact, but you'll still request to activity good pinch your teammates to unafraid a victory.

Now featuring a formed of much than 30 heroes, each pinch chopped abilities and playstyles, you’ll surely find a fewer Overwatch 2 characters that you tin link with. The first batch of caller heroes are each a blast to play. There are galore awesome (though often reasonably expensive) caller skins to kit them retired pinch too. The crippled looks and sounds terrific too, acknowledgment to Blizzard’s trademark level of polish. At slightest until you fig retired really to play Overwatch 2, you tin marvel astatine really bully it looks.

Elden Ring

Why would we not see Elden Ring? The strengths of FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG are many, but what’s astir awesome astir nan crippled is really hand-crafted it feels contempt its scale. Elden Ring is big, but it ne'er feels for illustration it’s wasting your time. Far from it; FromSoftware has created a rich | unfastened world, pinch thing surprising, delightful aliases utterly terrifying astir each corner. I’ll ne'er hide nan infinitesimal I recovered a thorax that teleported my characteristic to a cave afloat of Eldritch monsters. Elden Ring is afloat of those kinds of discoveries.

And if you’re worried astir hitting a ceramic wall pinch Elden Ring’s difficulty, don’t be. Sure, it tin beryllium reliable arsenic nails, but it’s besides From’s astir accessible crippled to day arsenic well. If you find combat overly punishing, spell for a mage build and blast your enemies from afar, complete broadside quests and more. And if each other fails, 1 of nan rewards for exploring Elden Ring’s world is acquisition that you tin usage to make your characteristic stronger.


Take nan weird Twin Peaks communicative of Alan Wake, smash it together pinch Quantum Break's frenetic powers and gunplay, and you've sewage Control. Playing arsenic a female searching for her missing brother, you quickly study there's a bladed statement betwixt reality and nan fantastical. It's catnip for anyone who grew up loving The X-Files and nan supernatural. It's besides a premier illustration of a workplace moving astatine their imaginative heights, some refining and evolving nan open-world look that's dominated games for nan past decade.

Control connected nan last-gen Xbox is simply a mixed affair, pinch nan One S struggling a little, but nan One X being head-and-shoulders supra nan PS4 Pro erstwhile it comes to fidelity and smoothness. With nan motorboat of nan next-gen consoles, an ‘Ultimate Edition’ emerged which brought nan ray-tracing and higher framework rates that PC gamers enjoyed to console players. Although you’ll only get those benefits arsenic a next-gen owner, it besides includes each nan released DLC and is nan version we urge buying, moreover if you’re not readying to instantly upgrade.

Dead Space

The Dead Space remake feels for illustration a warm, juicy hug from a murderous necromorph, and we mean that successful nan champion measurement possible. The 2023 version of Dead Space spit-shines nan mechanics that made nan original crippled truthful magically horrific backmost successful 2008, and it doesn’t adhd immoderate unnecessary, modern bloat. The remake features afloat sound acting, caller puzzles and expanded storylines, and it introduces a zero-gravity expertise that allows nan protagonist, Isaac Clarke, to alert done sections of nan crippled successful an ultra-satisfying way.

None of these additions outshine nan game’s halfway loop: stasis, shoot, stomp. Isaac gains nan expertise to temporarily frost enemies and he picks up a assortment of weapons, but he ne'er feels overpowered; he’s ever successful danger. Mutilated corpse monsters look abruptly successful nan cramped corridors of nan abstraction station, charging astatine Isaac from nan shadows, limbs akimbo and begging to beryllium changeable off. The first crippled of Dead Space popularized nan thought that headshots don’t matter and nan remake stays existent to this ethos – yet its combat hit still feels fresh.

The 2023 type of Dead Space proves that innovative crippled creation is timeless (and truthful are plasma cutters).

Halo Infinite

Master Chief's latest escapade whitethorn not make overmuch consciousness narratively, but it judge is nosy to play. After nan mediate efforts from 343 Industries complete nan past decade, Halo Infinite manages to respire caller life into Microsoft's flagship franchise, while besides staying existent to elements fans love. The main run is much unfastened than ever, while besides giving you a caller state of activity pinch nan trusty grappling hook. And nan multiplayer mode is wonderfully addictive (though 343 still needs to velocity up acquisition progression), pinch a bevy of maps and crippled modes to support things from getting excessively stale. The only point keeping it from greatness is its baffling and disjointed story, but it's not for illustration Xbox fans person galore options erstwhile it comes to immense exclusives correct now.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 deftly walks a good statement by being an highly heavy and analyzable racing crippled that almost anyone tin conscionable prime up and play. The crippled has hundreds of cars that you tin tweak endlessly to fresh your driving style, and dozens of courses dispersed each complete a gorgeous fictional area of Mexico. If you crank up nan difficulty, 1 correction will descend your full race, and nan title online tin beryllium conscionable arsenic fierce.

But if you’re caller to racing games, Forza Horizon 5 does an fantabulous occupation astatine getting you up and running. The preamble to nan crippled quickly gives you a sensation astatine nan 4 main title types you’ll travel crossed (street racing, cross-country, etc.), and features for illustration nan rewind fastener mean that you tin quickly erase mistakes if you effort and return a move excessively accelerated without having to restart your run. Quite simply, Forza Horizon 5 is simply a beautiful and nosy crippled that useful for conscionable astir immoderate accomplishment level. It’s easy to prime up and play a fewer races and move connected pinch your day, aliases you tin descend hours into it trying to go nan champion driver you tin perchance be.

Gears 5

Gears 5 tries to beryllium a batch of things, and doesn't win astatine them all. If you're a Gears of War fan, though, there's a batch to emotion here. The cover-shooter gameplay nan bid helped pioneer feels great, and nan campaign, while not narratively ambitious, is well-paced and afloat of bombastic group pieces to support you interested. As they stand, nan various multiplayer modes are not great, but Gears 5 is worthy it for nan run alone.

It’s besides a existent graphical showcase, among nan best-looking console games around. Microsoft did a awesome occupation optimizing for each platforms and use-cases, pinch high-resolution and ultra-high (up to 120fps connected bid consoles) framework rates.

Nier: Automata

  • NieR: Automata - Become As Gods Edition

It took much than a while to get here, but Nier: Automata yet arrived connected Xbox One successful nan summertime of 2018. And boy, was it worthy nan almost-18-month wait. Nier takes nan razor-sharp combat of a Platinum Games title and puts it successful a world crafted by everyone's favourite weirdo, Yoko Taro. Don't worry, you tin mostly conscionable run, weapon and slash your measurement done nan game, but arsenic you finish, and decorativeness and decorativeness this one, you'll find yourself pulled into a genuinely typical narrative, 1 that's ne'er been done earlier and will astir apt ne'er beryllium done again. It’s an unmissable experience, and 1 that feels each nan much unsocial connected Xbox, which has ne'er had nan champion levels of support from Japanese developers.

On Xbox One X and Series X, you efficaciously person nan champion type of Nier: Automata available, short of a fan-patched PC game. On Series S and One S... not truthful much, but you do astatine slightest get accordant framerates connected nan Series S and a passable acquisition connected nan One S.

Ori and nan Blind Forest

Arriving astatine a clip erstwhile "Gears Halo Forza" seemed to beryllium nan beginning, mediate and extremity of Microsoft's publishing plans, Ori and nan Blind Forest was a triumph. It's a assured mash of nan pixel-perfect platforming popularized by Super Meat Boy, and nan rich, unfolding worlds of Metroidvania games. You'll dice hundreds of times exploring nan titular forest, unlocking skills that let you to scope caller areas. It looks and sounds awesome — like, Disney awesome — and its story, while reasonably secondary to nan experience, is interesting. Ori mightiness not do overmuch to push nan boundaries of its genres, but everything it does, it does truthful right. Its sequel, Ori and nan Will of nan Wisps, is very overmuch “more of everything,” truthful if you for illustration Blind Forest, it’s good worthy checking retired too.


Pentiment is a 2D-adventure-meets-visual-novel group successful 16th-century Bavaria. You play arsenic Andreas Maler, a young creator from a well-to-do family who gets caught up successful a execution enigma while trying to complete his masterpiece. The crippled itself hinges connected its artwork and writing. Both are remarkable: The erstwhile is for illustration a medieval manuscript brought to life, while nan second is astatine erstwhile lukewarm and biting, but ever successful complete power of what it’s trying to say. What starts arsenic a seemingly straightforward whodunit turns into a sweeping, soulful meditation connected nan quality of history, power, organization and truth itself. Time and again, it subverts nan “your choices matter!” committedness video games person agelong tried (and mostly failed) to fulfill. You don’t expect 1 of Microsoft’s champion first-party Xbox games to beryllium a riff connected Umberto Eco’s The Name of nan Rose, but, well, present we are.

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is simply a hack-and-slash action crippled built wholly astir its soundtrack. You tin move and jump freely, but each of your steps and attacks are timed to nan hit of nan backing music. If you clip your moves correct on nan beat, you tin do much harm and propulsion disconnected combos. Everything other successful nan world pulsates and takes action to nan aforesaid rhythm, from force attacks to lights flashing successful nan background.

Is this revolutionary? Not really. Every hack-and-slasher has a consciousness of capacity and musicality to it; Hi-Fi Rush conscionable makes nan subtext explicit. It’s Devil May Cry connected a metronome. But it’s fun. Ripping done a room of goons is satisfying successful astir video games; ripping done them wholly successful rhythm, pinch each dodge and last rustle punctuated by a beat, is moreover much so. It helps that nan soundtrack is really bully and that nan combat strategy ne'er punishes you too difficult for fastener mashing successful a panic. It besides helps that nan reside is that of a cel-shaded Saturday greeting cartoon, starring a lovable doofus named Chai arsenic he takes connected a comically evil megacorp. Hi-Fi Rush has issues – its stages tin drag, for 1 – but it plays for illustration a passion task from nan PS3/Xbox 360 era. It has ideas, and its main interest is being a bully time.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is nan benignant of crippled nary 1 but Rockstar, nan squad down nan Grand Theft Auto series, could make. Only erstwhile a workplace is this successful tin it move millions of dollars and improvement hours into a game. Rockstar's simulation of a crumbling frontier world is enthralling and serves arsenic a cleanable backdrop to an uncharacteristically measured story. While nan studio's gameplay whitethorn not person moved massively forward, nan penning and characters of RDR2 will enactment pinch you.

While Rockstar hasn’t deemed fresh to decently upgrade Red Dead Redemption 2 for nan next-gen yet, Series X owners will astatine slightest use from nan champion last-gen (Xbox One X) acquisition pinch nan summation of improved loading times. The Series S, connected nan different hand, gets nan One S version, but pinch an improved 30 fps fastener and swifter loading.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is delightful. It’s a gothic fairy communicative masquerading arsenic a survival-horror game, and while this represents a caller vibe for nan franchise, it’s not an unwelcome evolution. The characters and enemies successful Village are afloat of life — moreover erstwhile they’re decidedly undead — and Capcom has put a delicious twist connected nan thought of vampires, werewolves, oversea creatures, giants and creepy dolls. The crippled retains its horror, puzzle and action roots, and it has Umbrella Corporation’s fingerprints each complete it. It simply feels for illustration developers had nosy pinch this one, and truthful will you.

A connection of be aware earlier you tally to bargain it, though: This crippled doesn’t play awesome connected each Xbox. On Series X, things are great: There's nan action to move connected ray-tracing pinch nan occasional framework complaint issue, aliases to support it disconnected and person cleanable 4K/60 presentation. With nan Series S, while location is simply a ray-tracing mode, it’s almost unplayable. With ray-tracing off, nan Series S does a decent job, though. The One X’s 1080p/60 mode is besides fantastic, though its value mode feels very juddery. If you ain a guidelines Xbox One aliases One S, though, there’s really nary mode that really feels enjoyable to play.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice isn't conscionable different Dark Souls game. FromSoftware's samurai escapade is simply a departure from that well-established formula, replacing slow, weighty combat and gothic despair for stealth, grappling hooks and swift swordplay. Oh, and while it's still a difficult game, it's a batch much accessible than Souls games — you tin moreover region it! The consequence of each these changes is thing that's still instantly recognizable arsenic a FromSoftware title, but it's its ain thing, and it's very good.

This is 1 crippled that’s really not had a batch of emotion from its developer aliases publisher, as, contempt nan truth next-gen consoles should beryllium easy capable to tally this crippled astatine 60 fps, nan Series S is locked to an inconsistently paced 30 fps, while nan Series X doesn’t rather clasp to 60 either. With that said, it’s much than playable.

Lost Judgment

This is backstage oculus Takayuki Yagami’s second adventure; a spin-off of Sega’s popular, pulpy and convoluted Yakuza saga. He lives successful nan aforesaid Kamurocho area, nan aforesaid yakuza gangs roam nan streets, and there’s nan very occasional crossover of side-story characters and, well, weirdos. But alternatively of punching punks successful nan look successful nan sanction of justness aliases honor, which was nan style of Yakuza protagonist Kazuya Kiryu, Yagami fights pinch nan powerfulness of his lawyer badge, drone grounds and… sometimes (read: often) he kicks nan bad guys successful nan face.

The sequel skates moreover person to immoderate benignant of serialized TV drama, punctuated by fights, chases and melodrama. For anyone that’s played nan bid before, it treads acquainted ground, but pinch a much superior (realistic) communicative that centers connected bullying and termination problems successful Japanese precocious schools, which is tied into myriad land encompassing nan ineligible system, authorities and organized crime.

Yagami has aggregate fighting styles to master, while location are emotion interests, batting cages, mahjong, skate parks and much activities to descend moreover much hours into. On nan PS5, Lost Judgment looks great. Fights are fluid and nan recreated areas successful Tokyo and Yokohama are usually afloat of pedestrians, stores and points of interest. While Yakuza Like a Dragon takes nan franchise successful a caller (turn-based, much ridiculous) direction, Lost Judgment retains nan brawling playstyle of nan Yakuza series, pinch a caller leader who has, eventually, charmed us.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

We already mentioned this 1 but it's difficult to overemphasize really bully a woody Game Pass is for Xbox owners. For $15 a period you get entree to a shifting and increasing room of games. The institution does a bully occupation explaining what caller games are coming and going successful advance, truthful you won't get caught retired by a crippled disappearing from nan subscription work conscionable arsenic you're reaching a last boss. There are 11 games mentioned successful this guide, and 7 of them are presently disposable pinch Game Pass. The afloat room is broad, and, while Microsoft's unreality work is still conscionable successful beta, you'll person entree to galore of nan games connected your tablet, telephone aliases browser done xCloud astatine nary other fee.