The new Fitbit app is now available

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Google announced that its redesigned Fitbit app — which features a caller three-tab building for easier entree to curated wellness and fittingness content, easy glanceable stats and much — is rolling retired to users starting today.

As antecedently revealed past month, Google says nan app’s refreshed creation makes it easier to usage acknowledgment to nan caller tabs: “Today,” “Coach” and “You.” While nan “Today” tab already existed, it now gives users entree to stats for illustration today’s steps, accent management, slumber score, area minutes and activity. Users tin customize what stats they spot by tapping edit astatine nan apical of nan tab, allowing them to attraction connected their individual goals.

Image Credits: Google

The “Coach” tab acts arsenic a contented hub for users to select workouts based connected workout type, duration, required equipment, coach and more. Plus, Fitbit Premium members tin now unlock much contented for illustration HIIT and creation cardio classes.

The Charts conception now breaks down metrics and item patterns for users to amended understand wellness and wellness data. For instance, users tin pat connected nan “Active Zone Minutes” metric to study what your progressive complaint area is, which is based connected your resting bosom complaint and age.

Image Credits: Google

Meanwhile, nan “You” tab lets users group their goals for nan number of steps, nan magnitude of activity and slumber while besides including features for illustration achievements and community. Fitbit besides accrued nan accuracy of its measurement count locator acknowledgment to improved connection pinch telephone sensors, according to nan company.

The caller app besides allows users to log accusation without wearing a Fitbit instrumentality aliases Google Pixel Watch.

Source techcrunch