theliterateleprechaun ’s review of Counting Lost Stars

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I can’t retrieve nan past clip I struggled truthful overmuch to ‘get into’ a book. My location is clean. My laundry is done. My freezer is organized. The carpet connected my platform has been vacuumed. I kid you not. I recovered each excuse.

While this brought nan realities of nan Holocaust tumbling to nan forefront, I couldn’t get my mind disconnected nan implausibility of HOW a characteristic recovered themselves down nan barbed ligament compound.

Holy Guacamole - I didn’t attraction for nan romance guidance nan writer took successful this 1 and felt it was worthy of putting a contented informing connected nan back…not for WHO but WHAT was going on. Way excessively steamy for this reluctant romance reader. Graphic.

I was intrigued pinch nan parallels to artificial intelligence and learned astir Hollerith cards. This drove maine to Google - thing I emotion to do arsenic I read.

I’ll beryllium honest, I skipped CHUNKS successful this one. I cannot urge it.

Not each hyped book lives up to expectations. And that’s ok. Glad it's a room book and tin beryllium returned!