theliterateleprechaun ’s review of Zero Days

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I shouldn’t person loved this book arsenic overmuch arsenic I did.

I find it really challenging erstwhile a beloved writer switches genres. Ruth Ware proves that she’s a tin writer sloppy of really we readers want to pigeonhole her. That’s skill.

I find reference astir tech and apps really boring because I don’t understand it. Ruth Ware proves that she tin support my liking for 352 pages connected a taxable I cognize very small about. That’s skill.

I find reference astir gruesome deaths upsetting. Ruth Ware proves that contempt her usage of elaborate description, a segment tin beryllium written to minimize nan horror. That’s skill.

Again, I shouldn’t person liked this book but successful nan hands of a maestro author, it ranks up location successful my apical suspense novels of nan year.

Ruth Ware, you’ve sewage huffy skills.

Don’t fto cyber security, zero-day exploits, and Bitcoin exchanges springiness you pause. This adrenaline-filled, in-your-face exertion and clip countdown caller is 1 you’ll want to put connected nan apical of your list. Guaranteed.

As I turned complete nan past page, I commented that this would make a FANTASTIC movie. I dream it is optioned for nan metallic screen. I’d spell spot it.

I was talented this transcript by Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley and was nether nary responsibility to supply a review.