Treat your skin to self-care with this EMS device, now $55

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of September 17, get nan VYSN IntelliPen EMS Electric Vibrating Heated Mini Face & Eye Therapy Device for only $54.99 — that's 45% off.

We could each usage a small much self-care. The only problem? Who has nan time? If you're looking for a elemental measurement to fresh a small pampering into a engaged schedule, it whitethorn beryllium clip to cheque retired nan VYSN IntelliPen. It offers an easy measurement to treat your look to immoderate TLC that only takes 20 seconds. 

This IntelliPen, which is designed to activity arsenic an anti-aging instrumentality that uses EMS electrical vibrations, tin thief amended your tegument without costly and time-consuming trips to nan spa. And you tin presently people this instrumentality for conscionable $54.99 (reg. $99) present for a constricted time. 

For little than you'd salary for a facial, you tin bring location nan VYSN IntelliPen, a facial therapy instrumentality designed to help trim acheronian circles, tighten immoderate sagging skin, and diminish wrinkles. Equipped pinch a powerful EMS feature, your tegument could beryllium successful for galore benefits specified arsenic reduced swelling, accrued circulation, tegument tightening, and toning.

The QuickCharge capacity allows nan VYSN IntelliPen to complaint up afloat successful conscionable 30 minutes, truthful you tin thin to your tegument quickly. Then erstwhile it's clip to use, conscionable use your favourite oculus pick and massage nan instrumentality successful mini circles for 20 seconds aliases more. And acknowledgment to its sleek and compact size, you tin bring nan VYSN IntelliPen on anyplace to support up your skincare regular and sneak successful immoderate self-care wherever you go.

Treat your tegument pinch nan VYSN IntelliPen EMS electrical vibrating heated mini look and oculus therapy device, connected waste for conscionable $54.99 (reg. $99) for a constricted time.

Prices taxable to change. 

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