Volvo will make its last diesel car in 2024

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Volvo’s past diesel car will rotation disconnected nan statement “by early 2024,” nan institution said connected Tuesday.

The writing’s been connected nan wall for respective years. As acold backmost arsenic 2017, nan Geely-owned automaker indicated it would wrap up accumulation of diesel cars by astir now.

A fewer years later, Volvo came retired pinch a much eager goal, pledging to exclusively sell electrical vehicles by 2030.

“Only 4 years ago, nan diesel motor was our breadstuff and food successful Europe,” Volvo said successful its connection connected Tuesday. A heck of a lot’s changed since then; hybrid and afloat electrical vehicles made up much than half of each European car income successful July 2023, while diesel cars represented conscionable 14% of income successful nan aforesaid period.

Though Volvo still produces gas-powered cars, nan institution promised that it’s “no longer spending a azygous krona of our R&D fund connected processing caller soul combustion engines.”

Tesla’s early attraction connected electrical vehicles, and nan 2015 VW emissions ungraded known arsenic Dieselgate, were 2 cardinal factors driving Volvo and different automakers towards this conclusion.

Volvo’s erstwhile CEO Hakan Samuelsson said backmost successful 2017, “We person to admit that Tesla has managed to connection specified a car for which group are lining up. In this area, location should besides beryllium abstraction for us, pinch precocious value and charismatic design.”

Source techcrunch